Hands On: Bitfenix Raider Computer Case


Today, we look at the third case we have received from Bitfenix for review.  This particular model is the Bitfenix Raider – another mid-tower case from this relatively new company.  The Raider is a steel case with a plastic front face and top cover.  It has an understated look that could be placed just about anywhere.


If you are looking for a Windows Home Server case, aesthetics may be relatively unimportant, however, for many the case defines their “baby” and looks is a very important aspect of case selection.  For use as a server, this case sports a lot of possible fan locations (particularly in the HD cage area) and adequate space to mount a significant number of hard drives.

As I have stated previously, case selection is based upon features and looks. While I can not (and will not) try to influence your taste in case selection based upon looks, I will hopefully give you adequate information on the features of this case to see if it will match your needs.

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  1.  if you have a ATX MB with side facing sata ports…really tight fit, remove first HD cage first (same if your graphics card is long). Also if you have a number of HDs you will find the rubber lined cabling holes small with power and sata cables.
    Other wise a great case in the minimal design (which I prefer, no side window or fan, no weird design)

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