Plex Server Adds DLNA Support for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & WDTV Live Streaming

If you’ve been juggling with multiple media server apps to stream your music and video to the growing number of digital media receivers around the home (Connected TV, set top box, games consoles, AV receivers etc) then help is at hand. Plex, my personal media server du choix, has just announced beta support for the DLNA protocol, enabling easy media streaming from your home server/computer to Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and WDTV Live.

The announcement on the Plex blog, also signals the arrival of Silverlight Smooth Streaming, used by Windows Phone 7, so there’s good news for Microsoft smartphone fans too. Plex Media Server, available for Mac, Windows and Linux allows streaming and transcoding of media to a wide range of devices, alongside automatic metadata retrieval. Plex clients are available for most popular OS platforms as well as Apple TV (via a jailbreak).

If you’ve been previously using PS3 Media Server in conjunction with other media server apps to push music and video around the home, it may well be time to take a look at Plex. Highly recommended.

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  1. Have they made Plex run as a service yet? It’s the only app I can’t get working right with SrvAny.exe

    It works great with iPod’s and Android Tablet’s too. I watch home tv in the hotel room from my tablet while I’m on the road. Plex works well, transcoding, etc.

    1. Was wondering the same thing. It seems not but is a popular request on their forums. Pretty useless for me until they do. Shame as looks great.

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