Windows Home Server 2011 Finally Gets Anti-Virus Protection

As soon as Windows Home Server 2011 was released last year, one of the first applications requested by the community was a dedicated anti-virus client. Vendors who had previously supported WHS v1 have not upgraded their software to support the newer release, but the good news is that G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer is here to protect you, your home server and a few of your PCs.

The software is priced at £99.00/$99.00 and offers centrally controlled anti-virus protection for the home server as well as up to 5 PCs on the network. There’s full integration into the Windows Home Server Dashboard, with automatic distribution of virus updates across the network.


Full specs from G-Data as follows:

Award-winning technology

  • Award-winning virus detection thanks to two virus scanner modules
  • Secure protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, diallers, Trojans, adware and other riskware
  • Instant protection against new viruses: email and web-based CloudSecurity blocks infected emails or websites in real time
  • Integrated rootkit blocker / special module for discovering rootkits

G Data ManagementServer

  • Easy setup: installation, virus scan, updates, settings and reports are remotely controlled using the home server
  • Seamless integration into the Microsoft HomeServer 2011 console
  • Automatic distribution of updates in the network
  • Also central administration of clients that are not always connected to the home server (notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs)

G Data AntiVirus and AntiSpam client

  • „Invisible“ client protection in the background, including for computers that are not permanently connected to the home server.
  • Mail protection for Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla and POP3 / IMAP mail clients
  • CloudSecurity: Instant protection against new viruses and spam
  • Fully functional when working offline
  • If desired, independent settings and virus scans on the client are possible

G Data Firewall client

  • Remotely controlled installation and configuration
  • Simple administration using individual learnable access rules on the client
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections
  • Blocks and reports DoS attacks, port scans and much more.
  • Four security levels or expert mode
  • Invisible stealth mode

For more on G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer, check out the company’s website. Thanks to Garry for the tip!

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    1. No, but you can use Microsoft Forefront Security Client, very similar to MSE.. working fine on my server.. and free too!!!

  1. According to the system requirements, Windows Home Server is supported so I hope that means a WHSv1 Console view.

  2. The WHS version does not appear on the US or Mexico web page. The Canada web sites is dead.  On the various web sites listed for Gdata, only about half appear to be live.  Of those that are live, only some have the WHS edition.  Is this because the WHS has not propogated to those sites?  Or is it something else? PC Magazine wrote a fairly acceptable review,2817,2385499,00.asp
    and also mentioned it did not have a big US presence.  Perhaps if they got their product offerings syncronized on the various web sites, they could increase their market share in the US.  For now, I will be holding off on any purchase.

  3. Far too expensive.  Companies are still treating WHS as a corporate product with corporate pricing for certain utilities.  They still don’t get that this is a home product.

  4. @google-b07637581ad19e9fa91ac86f81588f03:disqus  That review is not about the WHS version.

    Anybody using this software on their homeserver allready?

    1. Sorry, forgot to mention that, but internals should be about the same.  Check out the thread on the MS Forums.  Some are having difficulty with the Dashboard after installing Gdate

  5. like the look of this, but £99… a little steep (and no trial version)…

    If they lowered the price/offered a trial or eval version i would consider it, but £99 is a big spend for something that might not fit your needs….

  6. I think the price is little high, wherein market we get many free download antivirus software’s…

    1. I Have G-Data And Have A Support Ticket Open With Them. They Say I Will Have A Fix For The Problem With The Dashboard Keeps Crashing When You Open It. I Am Running Windows Home Server 2011. Avast Had A Package With The Same Price For Windows Home Server v1 Which Was The Same Price As G-Data. Avast Is Embeded In G-Data Just To Let You Know

      1. managed to get dashboard going by initially starting it (dashboard) in safe mode – after that dashboard worked normally

        some observations though about the product …
        1) it is not compatible with a WHS using Homegroup mode – it needs “normal” user/password file-sharing because it needs access to C$ and ADMIN$ on clients to push-out the client & firewall software
        2) needs UAC turned-off on server & clients
        3) needs access to the Remote Registry Service
        4) needs open ports 7161 & 7167 and GDMMS.exe as exception in any installed client firewall

        If you get that far, although it has a plug-in for MS Outlook, it needs a smtp server on port 25 (it doesn’t do SSL), to send reports via email

        1. so would you recommend it Tom as a product? as i mentioned, £99 is a lot of money for home AV?? I am keen to get my WHS 2011 covered, but not so keen if the first thing i need to do is open a support ticket… I emailed them last week with some pre-sales questions, they haven;t replied in 6 days, so that to me indicates that they are not that fussed/good to deal with!

          1. well – it’s the only “integrated” product out there at the present, so I would have to say yes

            it has identified several trojans on my WHS – in isos/cd images and zips that I keep o, and found some viruses in my mailfile (that I keep on the server), that Norton360 didn’t catch on the way in

            I agree their support is not very good – their freephone support number goes to the States, but the actual support team for this product is located in Germany 


          2. Hi Ron – are you saying that you can’t start the dashboard in safe mode (it’s on the start menu), or that starting the dashboard in safe mode doesn’t work or fix the problem ?

  7. I have been Using Symantec Endpoint On my WHS2011 with not issues. I introduced a few test string virii and it caught it without issue

  8. Thanks for sharing the info about windows home server and its antivirus protection. Generally, I do not comment on post but after reading this one I could not stop myself from commenting on it.Antivirus Program plays a vital role in providing internet security to every internet user and provide overall protection to computer.

  9. What really annoys me about this product is its $99 about £65.. so UK pay 50% more yet there are not associated distribution costs…  Pity they dont accept paypal, or maybe my prepay $ credit card would work!!..   Sorry, but I would refus to pay that much extra for it out of principal! 

  10. I have the G-DATA Software running on a WHS2011 with out Problems, sure you can´t roll out the client over network, well, just install it over the CD and everything is fine.

    I have to say that i had to re-install the WHS, i started the normaly install of WHS and the first addin was G-DATA. Maybe thats why i got no problems.

    For the pricing…you get 5 Licences with the Software, the most Software like Norton sell a maximum from 3 License, so far i know. For me was the price acceptable and i can say for my own i like it and the software is doing his work.

    1. 1. I looked at the trial of G Data InternetSecurity 2012 and it ran well on a Vista client, I liked the features and configuration options (for client). I wonder if you can tell me if the HomeServer edition’s included 5 clients are the same as the stand alone client? It is annoying there is no trial available for HomeServer, I’d like to try it and see if it causes any issues on WHS2011! 
      2. I can’t find a G Data website that sells to USA. Their shopping cart app always requests a billing address, but the billing address fields are customized for international users but no USA in their dropdown selectors! How did you procure the product (maybe you are in UK?)

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