You’ve seen the HP ProLiant MicroServer by now. It’s taken a grip of the home and small business server market for sure this year, courtesy of the original N36L in 2010 and refreshed N40L model this year. But look carefully at HP’s Maintenance and Service Guide for the MicroServer, and you’ll see the company has apparently been testing a much more powerful version of the model.

Detailing the MicroServer’s BIOS configuration, HP unwittingly included a screenshot of a prototype model, running AMD’s Turion II Neo N54L processor – a dual-core chip, clocking in at 2.2GHz and, according to AMD, more than a match for Intel’s Core i5 processor.

The current MicroServer, the N40L, ships with a 1.5 GHz version of the same processor whilst it’s predecessor coped with AMD’s Athlon II NEO chip, running at 1.3GHz. HP’s prototype shows the same meagre 1GB RAM.

At this point, no updates to the MicroServer line have been announced, and the screenshots may well have been taken from an engineering sample that would not see the light of day. But the prospect of a more powerful MicroServer is tantalising for advanced users, providing a mid-point offer between the entry-level N40L, and HP’s ProLiant ML 115 which is most definitely a business-class device.

Does the world need a more powerful MicroServer? Would you buy one, and how much should it cost? Let us know your thoughts.

(Thanks to Arie for the tip.)