In the first part of this How To guide, we installed Windows Server Update Services on Windows Home Server 2011. Now it’s time to configure our network computers to work with WSUS. From there, in the final part of the series, we’ll complete our WSUS configuration on the server.

What You Will Need:

  • Desktop or Laptop computer(s) with Windows Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate
  • WHS 2011 with WSUS installed
  • Your WHS Computer Name

Our Windows PCs normally look to Microsoft’s Update servers for their operating system patches. Now, we can use our home server to update all our Windows systems automatically.Perform this step on each of the computers you want to update from your home server.

When you launch the ‘Windows Update’ application, your computer connects to Microsoft’s update servers. Click on the Start button and open Windows Update in the Administrative folder. Look at the middle of the dialog box and note that MS provides your updates.


Close the ‘Update Windows’ window if you opened it.

Now let’s open the Group Policy Editor, (as mentioned above, this is only available on Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows). Click on the Start Orb and type ‘gpedit.msc‘. Now, in the left pane click on Computer Configuration, open Administrative Templates, open Windows Components, and open Windows Update folder. Now double click the ‘Specify Intranet Microsoft update service location‘ in the right pane.


Select the ‘Enabled‘ radio button. And put a description of what this will do in the Comment box. Now, Enter http://SERVER:8530 (replace SERVER with your own home server name) for both the ‘Set the intranet update service for detecting updates:’ and ‘Set the intranet statistics server:’ options,  Click OK.


Enable any additional settings you would like to apply. When finished close the GP editor.

If you open your Windows Update application now, you will notice it is now ‘Managed by your system administrator‘. Also, you can still update directly from Microsoft by clicking on the ‘Check online for updates option‘.



Update: If your version of Windows does not support Group Policy Edit, you can still connect to your WSUS server. In order to point your computer to the WSUS you will need to edit your registry. The following is for use with Windows 7 – at this point, it has not been tested with Windows Vista and XP. Use this at your own risk, no matter what OS you’re using! Registry Workaround

Repeat this process on all your home computers, and then move on to Part 3 for the final configuration steps on the server.