Introducing the Pogoplug Cloud

Ahhhh, we love the cloud.  We have Live Mesh.  We have  We have Dropbox.  Plus the iCloud.  I am sure I missed one or more.  And now we have the Pogoplug Cloud.

What do all these “Clouds” have in common?  They all have services that provide free online storage accounts.  The sizes range from 2 GBs to 50 GBs of storage capacity from which you can share publically or privately any data you choose to store “in the cloud”.

How information is shared depends upon the service and each service has varying feature sets.  For the Pogoplug Cloud, the service is accessed from a browser and has apps for Android and iOS users.

Sharing of information can be via just about any method such as email, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.  Or create shared folders.  Of course, it is also another method to simply access important information, or other data, whenever you are on the road.

If you have a product that can be accessed from the Internet, such as a Pogoplug, it seems that a cloud based storage option is the norm.  For the Pogoplug Cloud, you get 5 GBs of storage capacity free and there are options for increase the storage capacity for a nominal monthly fee.

Perhaps what make this service somewhat unique is the integration into various devices such as Android, iOS and Windows-based architectures.  To make use of the Pogoplug cloud you will first need a Pogoplug device of course.  For anyone who does not know what a Pogoplug is, check out my review of the Pogoplug Pro.

Update:  I was in error!  The Pogoplug cloud is available to anyone who wishes to make use of this service.  You do *not* need to have a Pogoplug device!

The downside of these services is how to manage all these separate accounts.  Assuming you have accounts from multiple services…

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Hi Pogoplug Users,

Today I am really excited to introduce an all-new Pogoplug. New website, new and improved features, and a brand new product: Pogoplug Cloud. Best of all, you get to enjoy these new things—absolutely FREE.

Here are our new features for all Pogoplug users:

• New mobile apps for Android™, iPhone® and iPad®

• Improved sharing on

• Easily collaborate on folders with your friends and family

• Deeper integration with your favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+

The other exciting news is that we are now offering a new service, Pogoplug Cloud. Pogoplug Cloud gives you a secure online space to store your media and share and stream just like you do with Pogoplug. Each Pogoplug Cloud comes with 5GB of free storage with options to expand.

To add a free 5GB cloud to your account, simply sign in to We’ll add a cloud to your account immediately.

I hope you love Pogoplug Cloud as much as we all do. Please send your comments to Thanks for your continued support.


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