Add-in Update: Drive Bender v1.2.1.6

Drive Bender, the storage pooling add-in, continues its development with a new update release this week.

Bugs continue to be found and fixed in the product, and this week’s release also includes some performance improvements.

  • Bug fix: During the duplication process (i.e. enabling duplication on a folder) could cause a file to have its read only flag removed.
  • Bug fix: The file / duplication count for a pool can sometimes read zero.
  • Update: Some performance improvements on file duplication.
  • Update: Some performance improvements on file / folder renaming and deleting.
  • Bug fix: The Drive Bender Manager does not display changes in mount points.


  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am still wary of using this on my server. It’s great that DivisionM brought us this product, but it still seems a little buggy…
    I was on the beta test and then bought the product, but haven’t installed it on my WHS2011 as I am concerned i might loose my data or have issues..
    I am still using a pimped up Ex470 with WHS v1 with a HP Microserver waiting in the wings with WHS2011 on it.. I found that Drive Bender, while good; was not user friendly (and I work in IT!!).. Maybe i need to sit down and focus on getting DB setup with some test data on the Microserver.

    again- greatful to DivisionM for the product, still not sure if it was ready for release in it’s current state…

    1. I agree with Krirbutler; I am greatful for what DivisionM has done. However, I still find myself asking, “Have we gone from a free beta to a paid beta?”

    2. OK… update- over the weekend 19/20 nov, I sat down with the aim of decomissioning my EX475 and copying data over to my new HP microserver. I followed some info on another WHS site and used the current version of DB ( Created the pool instance and starting adding drives into the pool. I built a pool with 10tb available and started to create a folder structure similar to my current EX475 on WHS 1. I switched on file replication for the whole pool, so all folders are duplicated. As off monday 21 nov, the 10tb of data on the EX475 is now 60% copied off. The DB pool on the new microserver is working well and last night I even removed a smaller 500gb drive from the pool to simulate a failed drive. I installed a 1tb in it’s place and the pool rebuilt without issue.

      I felt it was only fair to report back my findings, as Jim Clark has taken some heat over his review- especially on the DB forums. Bearing in mind that the review was based on Jim’s experiences and we all approach things for a different slant- I can say that I am personally happy with DB running on my system. I would advise potential users to read up first about and and familiarise themselves with the terminology used in Drive Bender.

      Again my closing comment is that let’s be thankful there are companies making drive extender replacements for WHS 2011, as it seems that MS is doing little to push/promote the platform.

      1. UPDATE to update!:

        Drive failed tonight in the pool… removed and rebuilt pool – no data lost and all working following reboot. Job done!!

      2. Did you get a free copy to say those kind words?  I’m kidding, I just purchased the latest HP Microserver/WHS 2011 bundle from newegg and was catching up on the latest pooling apps.  Good to hear they you’ve done some testing with positive results.

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