Hands On: BytePac Hard Drive Protection Kit

The Verdict

The Convar BytePac kit does double duty.  The kit contains 3 HD boxes for storage of which one can be used as an external USB HD enclosure at any given time.  In either capacity, the product works as described.  To inject a bit of humor, Convar has a Wild Mix kit with some distinctive sleeve themes.  The claim to fame of the BytePac kit, however, is the use of renewable resources.

The company claims “NPPO – No Plastics, paper only!”, which does apply to the enclosures.  They are made from cardboard and while they are simply not going to be as durable as a plastic or aluminum enclosure, they do get the job done.  If handled with even a small amount of care, they should last for quite some time.  If needed, additional boxes are easily attainable.

Being modular, there is one option I would like to see which is a power cable with a USB plug on one end and a power output jack on the other end to mate with the powerbox socket.

While $55 seems a bit high considering you can get similar plastic or aluminum enclosures anywhere from ~$50 down to ~$16 each.  However, you do get three boxes and the ability to upgrade the interface with ease.

For those need to know, the cost matrix for the BytePac kit is

  • $55.93
  • 34,36£
  • 39,95 €

with the Wild Mix kit costs

  • $20.99
  • 12,89£
  • 14,99 €

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