Hands On: BytePac Hard Drive Protection Kit

What’s In The Box?

Convar, the company behind BytePac does not seem to care for fancy packaging.  These particular products may never find their way into a retail store, so there is probably no need for fancy packaging and the associated costs to design said fancy packaging.  The two kits arrived just as you see below, products wrapped in plain cardboard.


The only indication on what awaits you on the inside and how to get to it is documented on a nondescript label.


After locating the pull-tab,


I began the task of checking out what was contained inside.


In the foreground, I found two postcard adverts in German and a box label.  I may be 1/4 German, but I do not speak the language.


Moving on, two of the BytePac boxes contained nothing but an additional label,


while the third box contained the cables that would allow me to connect a hard drive to my computer.


The full contents consists of a

  • 1 SATA / USB 2 or USB 3 Connection Kit
  • 3 Empty boxes
  • 3 Sleeves
  • 3 Sets of labels
  • Without hard drive

For this review, I received the USB 2 connection kit.

Inside the second box, I found what Convar calls the Fun WildMix kit.  This is a storage box kit only for additional storage.  Of course, you can also attach the interface cables and use them as external drives, if so desired.


I am not sure if the subject matter would keep the curious away from these “books”…

That takes care of what you get and it is on to



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