Hands On: BytePac Hard Drive Protection Kit


The future is the use of renewable resources.  Whether that be in energy products or in durable goods products.  Today’s product review makes is one of those products that could be that future product being here today.  As I wrote recently, the BytePac is a hard drive storage kit and external hard drive kit.  A kit made from renewable resources: cardboard.


You might ask why you would you trade in your it-will-last-forever aluminum external HD case for one made from cardboard.  If your particular case was designed for use PATA drives, the answer would be today!  That last-forever case may already be in junkyard where it will last for a very long time as a piece of junk.

Sure, it is possible that the current SATA standard may last a bit longer than a BytePac box.  But the beauty of the BytePac kit is that it is modular.  Replace the box if it wears out.  Replace the USB 2.0 cable with a USB x.0 cable when it becomes the new standard.  I want to replace the wall plug with a USB powered plug right now!  All I have to do is wait a bit and the company behind BytePac will probably have that item.

In addition, the kit includes three boxes, so you can use the extra boxes to replace a worn out box, use them for bare drive storage, or simply cycle drives as needed for use with your computer.

Your choice!

And if you really want to get a bit fancy, buy the BytePac Wild Mix kit and hide them on your bookshelf!


But enough of all this and it is time to discuss the details of the BytePac and the Wild Mix kit.



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