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Ever wish you could sign on to your server’s desktop from your workstation or laptop? You can with Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).

RDC has been around for sometime, but has been primarily used by systems administrators to access their servers from their desk and avoid the long trip to the server room.

Now that servers are showing up in the home, it’s time to learn what system administrators have known for some time. You don’t need a monitor for every server and it’s easy! Let’s get started.

1. You will find RDC in the accessories folder in the start menu. Or, if you use Vista or Win7, click the Start button,  type remote desktop and enter.

2. If you do not see six tabs across the RDC wizard, click on the “Options” toggle at the bottom left corner. On the “General” tab, enter your server’s name in the computer field, your admin user name in the next field, check the Allow me to save credentials check box (if you don’t want to enter your password each time you remote desktop). Do NOT click Connect at this point, we still have more tabs to complete.

3. Select the Display tab. Choose the size and color depth of your desired Remote Desktop with the slider and drop down box, and check the check box at the bottom of the wizard.

4. Select the Experience tab. This will allow you to configure your RD experience.  Just remember that the more boxes you check, the more data that must be relayed via your network. So if you have a slow connection, reduce the number of checked boxes to improve your RD experience. Check the Reconnect check box, this allows your session to resume in the event it fails.

5. Select the Advanced tab. Choose the “Connect and don’t warn me” option from the Server Authentication section drop down box, this prevents annoying pop-ups.

6. Let’s Go back to the General tab and save our RDC profile. Click on the Save As button. Give your profile a meaningful name and click Save. This will bring you back to the RD connector. Now click on Connect. If you entered the correct server name and user credentials, you will soon be looking at your server’s desktop.


Now that you know how to log into your WHS remotely, please remember most administration tasks for Windows Home Server should be managed from the Dashboard, but if you need to get direct access to the desktop, now you can!