The Green Cardboard HD Box

What can you get for

  • $55.93
  • 34,36£
  • 39,95 €

depending upon your country of origin?  The BytePac Kit of course!


Before going further, I have to simply state (as I look around my office) the I see four hard drives sitting on a table in caddies, two more bare drives sitting on my desk, a couple or more PATA drives sitting in my recycle box, and perhaps some others that are in a state of flux waiting for whatever testing I need to do.  Partially due to this condition, I have always been on the lookout for cool and innovative HD storage containers.  At first glance, I thought I had found another storage idea that made use of recyclable materials.

Hence the name of this article.

56 bucks sounds rather steep for a HD storage kit, which it is, but it is also a bit more than that.  Just make use of the included cables


and you can turn one of those three storage containers into an external HD.

A storage container that doubles as an external HD enclosure!

The kit even includes labels for identification purposes.


Additional packs of just the boxes will cost you about $19.50 for a set of three.  Both that and the $56 kit still seems a bit steep to me, but I do have to admit that this

  • is an innovative idea
  • most certainly Green
  • has an easily upgradable interface

I will not debate how useful the passive cooling system is, or how durable the boxes are.  However, this product has quite honestly got me thinking about the increasing use of renewable resources in our lives vs. non-renewable resources.

Someday, products like this may be the rule rather than the exception.

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  1. Sounds like the kind of thing the “Occupy ” crowd would love. Of course, I assume the item is shipped to you without plastic wrapping or those foam peanuts we all love so well. And what of durability?  How long will it take before the cardboard ages and the edges get bent?

    Sorry, but $55 gets you a decent quality drive case. No way this would stand up against ones I have purchased.

  2. Saw the image in a Google search and ended up here thinking I might pay $5 for a nice cardboard box that holds 3 drives I can safely store away in a cabinet, maybe $10 if it included shipping. $20? Not for me.

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