How To: Change Client PC Backup Scheduling With Windows Home Server 2011
[box]The following How To Guide was submitted to WGS’ Tutorials section by forum user bobbycCheck out the Tutorial over at WGS Forums. Today’s guide is a brief look at configuring client PC backups in Windows Home Server 2011.[/box]

Once you have Windows Home Server installed, and protecting your PCs you can change its configuration to run client backups on a schedule you define. Here’s how:

  1. Open your Dashboard Application, select Computers and Backups, and click the Additional Client Computer Backup Tasks link.

  2. Set the time you want Windows Home Server 2011 to back up your client PCs.

Ensure you allow enough time to backup all of your client PCs. I find that one half hour is sufficient for most clients once the initial backup is performed.

If your server misses a client backup, it will be prioritised for backup during the next backup window.

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  1. Is there any way to change the schedule for just one computer? Suppose I have one computer I want to automatically backup during the day.

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