Drive Bender Public Release Arriving This Week

Division M, the developers of Drive Bender – a storage pooling add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 – have today announced the release date for the app’s full release.

Those missing Windows Home Server’s Drive Extender technology in Microsoft’s latest home server platform will be able to take advantage of similar features from this Friday 14th October, courtesy of this third-party add-in. In a blog post just released, the company said:

Well the day has finally arrived… come this Friday the 14th of October, Drive Bender will be officially released. Thanks to the work of our dedicated user base, the release has a host bug fixes and updates.

However we are not stopping there. Starting next week we are straight into the first release update. Here are some of the major things we are doing.

– Implementing unsupported API’s
– Improving performance (there have been no complains to date… but hey if we can go faster, why not).
– Improvements to Smooth Stream.

Finally if you want to take advantage of the pre-release sale, you need to do so before the 14th of October, once Drive Bender has been release, the sale ends.

Two competing add-ins are in development for Windows Home Server 2011. StableBit DrivePool saw a Milestone 3 beta release in August with subsequent incremental bug fix updates. No release date has been announced. A second add-in, DriveHarnony from DataCore saw an initial public beta release, but the developer has subsequently gone quiet with regard to a release date, and the company’s beta forum has not seen any activity since late June.

If you’re interested in checking out Drive Bender, head over to



  1. Having a link to the purchase page would help… Also, having a link to the purchase page on would also help.

    1. Would you like me to switch your computer on for you as well? 🙂

      There is currently no purchase page other than for beta testers, who will have already received comms directly from the company with purchase details. 

      1. Ah, well i figured that if they’re announcing the pre-release promo, they would have provided a link to purchase it… so that others can take advantage of said promo…

  2. It’s about time!

    Now, is this just referencing the WHS2011 add-in or the general Windows edition as well?

  3. I was hesitant to upgrade to WHS 2011 mainly due to the loss of DE.  This is probably a dumb question, but using Drive Bender, will it again be possible to have a shared folder that is greater than 2 TB?  My understanding is stock WHS2011 has a limitation on shared folders of 2TB due to the ‘Server Backup feature’.  Thanks.

    1. I have created a pool assigned to a drive letter with all my shares at the total of about 9tb (seen as one drive in windows)
      So, the answer is yes, you can have a “shared folder” greater than 2tb.

      1. But, backup is still limited to 2 TB.   I have about 12 TB, 4.5 in storage with duplication (9TB total) with 3TB available, but with WHS2011, no way to back up.  I gave up on WHS2011/Drive Bender (not becausee of Drive Bender, but backup limitations with WHS 2011) and went back to WHS v1.  No regrets.

  4. Hi Terry,
    So.. I’m guessing NDA will be lifted for beta testers on release date, October 14th.
    Will you have a review up on release date, or will we have to wait a bit longer?

    1. Hi Phaze

      Not sure there’s any NDA in place – we’ll have a review up at some point, but we’ll look at the final release code when it’s available, so it’ll be after the 14th.


  5. Software ha been released, free 30 day trial, and an offer: “limited time Drive Bender – Home Edition + Life Time support and maintenance is available for $40 USD”…

    i’m thinking of taking it for a spin this weekend.

  6. Wondering if anyone has come across a detailed “best practices” guide for DrivePool? The Covecube website has all manner of information regarding what the add-in can do and how to install / set it up…however there is little in the way of information regarding which folders should be added to the Pool and why, plus if duplication should be turned on for everything in the pool, or if only certain items need to be duplicated. 

    Any information or advice would be appreciated!


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