Many of the readers of We Got Served have a strong background in computers and a great many of you are in the Information Technology (IT) field.  Which means that most of you appreciate the value of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for always-on equipment such as a business server.  This type of equipment cannot afford to lose power or lose power without a graceful shutdown of the computer in the event of an extended power loss.

While home servers may not be as critical in this regard as a business server, the same need to maintain power for short losses of power, and the ability to allow a graceful shutdown if the loss of power is longer is still a very desirable feature to have.

Perhaps one might consider it as much an essential feature for that home server as it is for a business server.

All of which leads us to the topic of today’s review, the Opti-UPS TS2250B UPS.

The TS2250B is part of Opti-UPS’ Thunder Shield line which they describe as a “Home and Office Emergency” product.

Per Opti-UPS:

The TS Series are the ideal solution to protect your small office and home office systems (SOHO), as well as other electronic devices, which are needed for daily use. Not only is TS a great value for your money, it also is the UPS that is extremely easy to handle. TS fulfills the requirements of many types of users.

Being that this UPS is a 2000VA/1200W device, it should satisfy even the most power-hungry home computer or small/medium server.

What’s In The Box?

As a consumer-oriented product, the TS2250B comes packaged in typical consumer-oriented packaging, which provides the potential customer a reasonable idea of what they are getting if he/she were to purchase this item.


As can be seen in the above box shots, the Thunder Shield series come in three models (in the US).  The specific model that comes inside is noted in the left picture just above.

The next three pictures indicate the protection that the TS2250B receives in the journey from the factory to your home/business.


Once removed, you will find the a typical looking UPS.  Being a 2000VA unit, it is a bit heavier then my APC BX900R.  A view of the front with has a simple on/off button and status LED.


A instruction tag indicating proper on/off operation.


The business end of the UPS is illustrated below, which has five protected power outlets, an RJ11/45 surge protection I/O and a USB communication port.  For those of you in Europe, you get an RS232 communication port.


A shot of the side indicating a well ventilated unit.


Inside the shipping box,  you will also find a USB cable, phone cable, User Manual and software installation CD.