We’ve started receiving early bug reports from WGS readers who have attempted to update their Windows Home Server 2011-connected Apple Macs to OSX 10.7 Lion, and are now experiencing issues.

From what we can gather, the Windows Home Server 2011 Launchpad, when installed on the Mac before the Lion upgrade, suppresses the new Mac Launchpad application – most likely as they have the same name. End result, you will not be able to use (or even see) the Mac Launchpad – click the icon, and your Windows Home Server 2011 Launchpad will run instead.

The issue, as first reported by KHU on the WGS Forums, is as follows:

After an in-place upgrade of 10.6 to 10.7 the OSX Launchpad does not work and does not exist if the Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 add-in for Mac was installed previously.

When starting Mac Launchpad from the apps folder or dock shortcut the Microsoft version of the Launchpad app is started instead. The Apple version of Launchpad is nowhere to be found.

Steps to Reproduce:

Install Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 Connector for Mac in OSX 10.6. This installs an application called Launchpad from Microsoft. Now if 10.6 is updated to Lion the WHS 20111 Launchpad application is still present, instead of OSX 10.7 Launchpad. Evenif the MS Launchpad was removed from the dock previously, it is put back again and not replaced with the new OSX Launchpad.

Expected Results:

Either the Microsoft Launchpad should be replaced or (preferably) the Lion Launchpad should co-exist with Microsoft’sLaunchpad and be present instead or in addition in the OSX dock.

Actual Results:

Microsoft Launchpad is put (again) into the dock, OSX Launchpad is nowhere to be found. The dock and app icon look like the Microsoft version and if started it really is Microsoft’s Launchpad which was installed as part of the Windows Home Server Connector before the Lion 10.7 upgrade.

Thankfully, a quick workaround has been discovered by Peter ter Haar to replace the Windows Home Server 2011 Mac Launchpad with the OSX 10.7 Lion Launchpad (if you wish):

  • Remove the Microsoft Launchpad (with AppCleaner). Load the Lion disk (dmg file) and under Packages,  install the Essentials package. This will reload the Mac OSX Launchpad.

We’ll make sure that Microsoft are aware of this issue today and will let you know any plans to resolve.