Looks like home server system builders are about to be very happy. News has just reached us that software distributors have just slashed the price of the Windows Home Server 2011 system builder software, in response to a similar price reduction from Microsoft.

CCL in the UK has reduced their price for the OS from £73.22 (inc VAT) to just £42.49 – that’s a 42% reduction. Over in the US, it looks like a similar story in some retailers. Amazon.com has Windows Home Server 2011 listed from $85.95, whilst other online retailers are listing the product for as little as $51 (Update: Now upped to $69.99 in a margin grabbing stylee).

From what our sources say, distributors have been told this is not promotional pricing – this is the new price for the product. If you’ve been thinking about building a new WHS 2011 server, now may be the time to jump in.

Thanks to Leonard for the tip.