So, you’d think Apple’s phalanx of legal eagles would have enough on their plates at the moment fighting both Microsoft and Amazon for the rights to exclusively own the “App Store” trademark, but they’re still out there picking fights.

Next up, they’re taking on the might of the Amahi open-source home server community – you may be aware that Amahi has an “app store” that’s housed a variety of applications in development for the home server platform. For “has”, read “had”. The Amahi developers have been served with a cease and desist order from attorneys acting on Apple Inc’s behalf who postulate that the use of the term “app store” on could confuse one the more technically proficient user communities into thinking they were actually knocking out iPhone apps on Apple’s behalf.

Without the resources to fight Cupertino, Amahi is understandably pulling the name and seeking a new name for their.. erm, “software marketplace” from the community via a competition. You can check out the cease and desist order in full over at the Amahi Blog.

Multi-billion dollar organisation, or community developer alike – if you have the words “app” and “store” in combination on your website or product, Cupertino’s coming to get ya. Good luck finding a new name, guys.