Apple Takes On Amahi With an App Store Cease and Desist Order

So, you’d think Apple’s phalanx of legal eagles would have enough on their plates at the moment fighting both Microsoft and Amazon for the rights to exclusively own the “App Store” trademark, but they’re still out there picking fights.

Next up, they’re taking on the might of the Amahi open-source home server community – you may be aware that Amahi has an “app store” that’s housed a variety of applications in development for the home server platform. For “has”, read “had”. The Amahi developers have been served with a cease and desist order from attorneys acting on Apple Inc’s behalf who postulate that the use of the term “app store” on could confuse one the more technically proficient user communities into thinking they were actually knocking out iPhone apps on Apple’s behalf.

Without the resources to fight Cupertino, Amahi is understandably pulling the name and seeking a new name for their.. erm, “software marketplace” from the community via a competition. You can check out the cease and desist order in full over at the Amahi Blog.

Multi-billion dollar organisation, or community developer alike – if you have the words “app” and “store” in combination on your website or product, Cupertino’s coming to get ya. Good luck finding a new name, guys.



  1. I am a big Apple fan but this is really overkill. I guess they got bored and don’t feel challenged by Mickeymouse software et. al. Hey Steve Jobs – you already build by and large superior products and software – so leave the little guys alone, especially if they are not really competing with you!

  2. I wouldn’t cede Apple anything at this point. There are a good number of legal types that strongly believe Apple may be a little too late with their registration attempt to obtain a trademark on “app store.” (Which had also been *rejected* by the USPTO a few years back for being merely “descriptive” when Salesforce tried to register it.) If most of the informed opinion turns out to be correct, “App Store” will go the way of words like aspirin and escalator, and be deemed an ordinary part of the common language rather than a protected trade name.

    To which I say: Yay! 😉

  3. Apple seems to have real problems keeping this case valid … Look over at Appleinsider … Apple faces real stumbling block in case against Amazon. Don’t get me wrong – I love Apple and Mac OSX is lightyears ahead of Mickeymouse software’s Windows but this needs to be decided against them.

    1. No offense, but anyone who uses terms like "Mickeymouse" to describe Windows doesn't really seem to earn a lot of credibility or believability in the real world, you know, the one where Microsoft has how much of a larger market share over Crapple, er Apple? And how exactly is OSX "lightyears" ahead?

      1. You are right. Using the term Mickeymouse is actually offensive towards a Disney icon that has earned its cult status 100 times over, so I take that one back.

        1. Maybe ” Blue Screen Of Death ” company would be a more fitting term. And the whole marketshare debate … Well let’s see: Apple was basically dead 13 years ago and now? 13 years ago there was only BSOD in the computer world. Well and you have to show me one person who would actually switch from Mac to BSOD and on top be happy about it!
          I am not offended at all – and you are missing the point! I am actually against Apple on this one. I love my Amahi box at home. Solid Linux based OS and works like a charm with my Apple ecosystem. And Apple’s offerings in the home server area suck to use another plain English term which probably disqualify me in your real world!

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