Add-in Update: Lights-Out v1.5.1

Lights-Out, the popular power management add-in for Windows Home Server v1 and WHS 2011 has been updated this week.

The Windows Home Server 2011 release is classed as a minor update with a small number of fixes included:

  • Fixed a problem in file monitoring
  • Fixed a problem in Backup/System monitoring
  • Fixed a wrong backup time calculation
  • Fixed a problem with missing updates on the Monitored Sources panel
  • Added a message when user access to web site is denied

Meanwhile, the WHS v1 release sees the following improvements:

  • Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot
  • Added share monitor
  • Added console session monitor
  • Added display of active monitors
  • Added day slider to uptime chart
  • Added display of scheduled backup times to computer tab
  • Added timer support for scheduled client wake-up
  • Fixed distorted status page when DPI setting of display has been changed to a nonstandard value or when big fonts have been used
  • Fixed missing timer reset when standard action or wait time has been changed
  • Fixed bug in handling start/stop service names
  • Changed background and font colours to allow high contrast themes

Full details on each update can be found in the release notes for each version. Check out the links below for more.

Download: Lights-Out v1.5.1 (WHS v1) | Lights-Out v1.5.1 (WHS 2011) | Release Notes (WHS v1) | Release Notes (WHS 2011)




  1. I have Lights-Out v 1.5.1 running on Windows Home Server 2011 installed on HP EX495.
    When I am trying to schudule the uptime in the calendar, under Uptime end option, Suspend and Hibernate option are disabled. The way I understood is that at Uptime (no need for the server to be running sleep now)  you would like the server to go to Suspend or Hibernate mode instead of Do nothing, Shutdown or Reboot. What am I missing?

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