Hands On: IOGEAR GKM681R 2.4GHz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Trackball and Scroll Wheel


I love my IOGEAR GKM561R keyboard/trackball.


When I purchased that keyboard for my own use, it had all the features I wanted at that time in a HTPC input device.  When I find another one that is produced/marketed by a company, I become interested in obtaining one for a review.


I want to see what kind of progress is being made from that keyboard to the newer models.  I want to see how many features can be ergonomically squeezed into the smallest space possible.  I want to see improved connectivity.  The question is, of course, does the latest model from IOGEAR –  in the form of the GKM681R – improve on the the GKM561R.


What’s In The Box?

First, we have the normal eye-catching consumer-style packaging.


Upon opening, we find the contents securely packaged inside.


Upon removal, we get to take a closer look at the contents:


  • keyboard
  • batteries
  • documentation

As with the the other IOGEAR keyboards, it is interesting what one doesn’t see or need: a driver disk. True plug-n-play.

The picture above does not show the USB receiver, which is contained in a compartment on the bottom of the keyboard.


Finally, we have a closer shot of the combination keyboard/mouse


and comparison shots with the GKM561R,


and the over-sized Logitech MX 5500.


Yes, with downsizing, this keyboard is approaching true remote control territory.


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