Serviio for Windows Home Server

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Serviio for Windows Home Server allows the management and optional installation of the open-source DLNA media server, Serviio.

Serviio is a free DLNA media server. It allows you to stream your media files (music, video or images) to any DLNA-certified renderer device (e.g. a TV set, Bluray player, games console) on your home network.

Serviio uses a priority-based metadata extraction so that you can choose what metadata should describe your media files (e.g. audio track name, DVD cover, TV series and episodes names, etc.). These include metadata embedded into the media files themselves, locally stored metadata files (images, Swisscenter, XBMC) and metadata that can be obtained online. With this powerful tool you will be able to build your Serviio media library easily and effectively.

Serviio works with any DLNA compliant device (TV, Playstation 3, etc.) and some other (XBox 360). It supports profiles for particular devices so that it can be tuned to maximise the device’s potential and/or minimize lack of media format playback support (via transcoding).

Download: Serviio for Windows Home Server (WHS v1) | (WHS 2011)

Release History

v0.6.1 (6th January 2012)

  • WHS 2011 support
  • Support for online content
  • Significantly improved support for specific DLNA/UPnP devices
  • Stability and performance improvements

v0.5.2.0 (30th May 2011)

  • Ready for widespread beta.
  • Synchronized build number to Serviio version to avoid confusion.


    1. Not sure I see the need for the angry looking "NOT" here, but yes, you are correct. Serviio itself is free but not open-source. The WHS plug-in is both free and open-source. Petr's not comfortable giving up control of Serviio itself, and that's fine AFAIC. He's stated that he'll open-source it if he decides to slow down or halt development. Note that it's not as though he's obfuscating the java byte code, though. Just decompile the Jar if you want the source code.

  1. Hi, can you explain how to install this please? I’ve tried the same way as all the other add-ins, double-clicking the file, but it says “Serviio Media Server for Windows Home Server requires Windows Home Server. For more information, please refer to the User Guide”
    That info is about as much use as a fishnet condom.
    I’m running WHS2011, and have downloaded v0.61 (Serviio.WHS), which i believe works for both versions of WHS. All my other apps have installed fine using the same method and they are all in the same physical place on the server.
    Could someone help me please?

    1.  If you download the add-in, it will automatically download the server during the install/config process.  Check out the tutorial in the forums. 

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