Avast! Working On Anti-Virus Support for Windows Home Server 2011

If you’ve just upgraded to Windows Home Server 2011, one of your first points of order will be to hunt for virus protection for the new server. And…. you’ll find that’s not so easy.

Today, none of the anti-virus vendors are offering dedicated products for Windows Home Server. Kaspersky have confirmed that their Small Office Security suite may work on WHS 2011, but the company will only offer support for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. The company told us,

Windows Home Server 2011 is not officially supported by KSOS. That said, it MAY work without any issues, but we can’t fix or support any issues that arise from it. [Supporting WHS] is always possible, but given that small businesses are the intended users for KSOS, I don’t think it’s a priority.

Even Microsoft are refusing to support their own home server platform with anti-virus protection from Microsoft Security Essentials – try to install it, and you’ll be blocked.

However, all may not be lost. According to this post from a user on Microsoft’s WHS Forums, the support team from Avast! have confirmed that a version of their anti-virus application for Windows Home Server is in development.

Good morning,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the confusion.  As per the message which Jakub sent to you, we are certainly working on the Windows Home Server for WHS 2011 and hope to release it as soon as possible though I cannot give a specific date at this point.

I hope this helps, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Adam Riley
Third Party Support Manager

In the meantime, WHS 2011 owners, what security app are you using to protect your server?



    1. NOD32… yeah, that's what I'm using. I've been using NOD32 since WHSv1, and seems to work just fine on WHS 2011… why wouldn't it? Is there a reason I am not aware of that might cause it to not work?

  1. MSE Beta 2, still working wonderfully, it gets its updates (definition, not UI from my understanding).
    It is so wrong for MS not to support their own Home Server OS with their home antivirus.

    I was in the quest of finding a FREE antivirus for WHS, all the free antiviruses are refusing to install because of the Windows Server core. Thank god i still had the old beta 2 of MSE without server checks! ^^

    1. I've heard conflicting reports of whether MS will, eventually, provide MSE for WHS 2011; anyone have any inside info? I have never paid for antivirus…ever!

  2. Im waiting for official AV software before updating. Im using avast on my WHS v1, I hope the licence is upgradable to WHS 2011

  3. I’ve been running mcafee virusscan enterprise 8.8 for a few weeks and it’s working perfectly. Whs 2011 is only windows server 2008 R2 and with no drive extender technology getting in the way I don’t see why any anti virus products wouldn’t work.
    It’s only the dashboard plugin we’re all waiting for and thats not really necessary for any virus once you’ve set it up.

    1. I have been running my WHS 1.0 version of Avast on my WHS 2011 server since I started testing with the RC1 version and now with the RTM (Technet) production version. I have have no compatibilitiy issues and AV has identified several questionable files in the four months I have been using it. The license key file is accepted on WHS2011 with no problems so "about Avast" screen shows product is licensed.
      As far as I can tell the WHS 1 version works fine on WHS 2011 except that the Addin (that on V1 shows AV status of all connected PC's as well as the server) cannot be used on 2011.

  4. Has there been any new security software developments for WHS 2001 (or SBS Essentials 2011) ? Avast! still does not have a 2011 product , and it has been four months this this article was posted. Thanks!

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