Window Home Server 2011 Backup

Over the next few days or so, I will be exploring ways to backup and/or sync from WHS 2011 to WHS v1. What I am sure of at this time is that I plan on using the HP X510 as my backup plan for my new production WHS.  Which means that I cannot use the built-in WHS 2011 backup process, as this tool looks for externally attached drives, not other computers and/or Ethernet drives.

So, I will end this portion of the Windows Home Server 2011 Upgrade right here.  Except to anticipate your next question:

  • Why did I not have a backup plan already figured out?

I simply do not have enough extra computers and I do not have enough extra HDs laying around to test all the scenarios.  I also do not have endless hours to ponder various strategies.  I know that there is a solution(s ), and sometimes, it is simply best to ponder the alternative once the need finally comes to a head.  Once I come up with a solution that meets my expectations, I will be happy.

Will it be the “best” solution?  Perhaps or perhaps not.  Again, as long as it meets my expectations for a solution, I will be happy.

So, if you have a backup strategy in mind, please suggest it below in the comment section and I will be back later this week to let you know the direction I am going.

And…  please do not suggest RAID.  I have no desire to go down that path.