Windows Home Server 2011 is ready for you.  Are *you* ready for Windows Home Server 2011?

Like many Windows Home Server users in the world, I have been torn between staying with the Drive Extender version of WHS v1 or upgrading to WHS 2011.  Perhaps upgrading is a bit of a misnomer, as it is a completely new installation of the OS and a migration of all the data from a WHS version 1 machine to a WHS 2011 machine.

Regarding the OS installation, I always prefer a new OS installation vs. an OS upgrade, so that would be a no-brainer to me.

Regarding the migration of data, I opened the console on my 6 TB WHS v1 machine and took a real look at the size of just the Shared Folders.  The actual unduplicated size amounted to around 2.5 TBs of information.  The question that comes from this look is how long will it take to copy over 2.5 TBs of data over a network connection?

Oh yes, I almost forgot!  Let us not forget starting a new set of client backups.  I have only 5 clients to backup.  I suppose you could say 6, but I do not back up my HTPC as it contains no data.  That is what the Windows Home *Server* is for.

So, To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade.  That is the question.  And here is the answer: