Experience Level: Medium

WHSuTorrent allows you to monitor and manage your downloads via WHS 2011 remote website. Initial features:

• View/control your torrents via the WHS 2011 Remote site
• Add/Delete torrents
• Change torrent queue order
• Pause/Stop torrents
• Add torrents by specifying atorrent URL to be downloaded
• Simple graphing that displaysdownload speed history
• Configuration wizard

Not included in this release (planned for next release) :

• Add torrents by uploading torrentfiles
• Torrent labels
• More in-depth torrent informationin the Details tab
• Better security
• Automated install process
• User-specified update rate (ifrequired, current is every 4 seconds)
• Better artwork (blegh)

Developer: Grimstoner

Download: WHSuTorrent

Release History

v0.0.0.1 (17th April 2011)

  • Initial Alpha release