Windows Home Server 2011 Grows to 19 Languages

Microsoft this week announced that Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Essentials 2011 had both reached RTM (release to manufacturing) closing the development stage of both platforms.

The corporation’s announcement revealed that both products would be available in 19 languages, extending the reach of the WHS platform into new territories – The new list of languages include Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

According to a post at Microsoft’s forums, the software will be available to buy as a “system builder SKU” from major online resellers next month. Expect to see stock arrive in the channel in early May. At this point, Microsoft have not revealed pricing for the Windows Home Server 2011 software.

MSDN and Technet subscribers should see both Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Essentials 2011 available to download in early April.

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  1. Wow, 19 languages, including Dutch, now this is a definite improvement over WHS1! I never expected this to happen as it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the beta program but wow…

    This could be THE selling point for WHS 2011! It never really took off here in Belgium because it was English only, and most non tech-savvy people tend to stay away from non-native language devices.

    I'm definitely putting it on my to buy list now!

  2. If Microsoft really wanted to give the operating system a chance, it would offer WHS as a regular retail package. Does anyone really believe that Office or even Windows would have attained its market share if people had to go the OEM route with every purchase? When Windows 8 comes out, there will be the usual media hype with people standing in line at computer stores to get their copy on the first day of release. What kind of reception would Windows 8 get if it was only available as a System builder SKU from major online retailers???

    1. Hey, you can buy it as an OEM license – the only thing you won't get is support, because the OEM should provide support: that's you.
      The same is the case with Windows, instead of a normal license with support options you can also pick up an OEM license for a fraction of the price. In the old days you could only do that when you also bought parts for a new computer, but that is restriction was withdrawn a couple of years ago.

      1. That is not the point. Yes, you CAN buy it as an OEM package. Fine, then let Microsoft sell ALL of their products that way. See what happens to their market share.

        The bottom line is that WHS server is a small "micro-niche" product. Homebuilders and what I term ultra-small businesses (Mom and pop type businesses that barely make ends meet). They won't even support it with their own anti-virus. What does that say about hw they regard their own product? It will never be much more than what it is now.

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