Hands On: Logitech Squeezebox Radio


Do you love music?  Any kind of music, or just some kinds of music?  Do you like:

  • Internet radio stations?
  • Local OTA stations?
  • Your own personal collection?

Perhaps you like to wake up to a specific song in the morning?

Whatever your question might be, Logitech may have the answer for you in the form of the Squeezebox Radio.  This may be the most expensive alarm clock you will ever own, but it promises do just about anything you might ever want to do music-wise.


What’s In The Box?

I have owned a few Logitech products over the years.  You can count on two things from Logitech in their packaging:

  • The Logitech Green theme
  • Lots of eye-catching consumer-style artwork


It is hard to mistake a Logitech product for someone else’s.

Digging down inside, you will the radio securely packaged.


Once the contents are removed, you will find a Quick Start Guide, power brick, 3.5mm audio jack, and the radio itself.


Finally, we have a shot of the front and rear of the radio.


What is surprising about the radio itself is that it quite heavy for a device that is about 9” x 5” x 4”.  It is not a brick, but it definitely has a nice solid feel to it.  On the other hand, while shiny black acrylic plastic looks nice at first, the finger prints that gather themselves to this kind of finish do not.



  1. I would add that if you have an iPhone or iPad then there are a few remotes available – check out ipeg and ipegHD.
    They allow complete visual of your collection and allow remote control of the Squeezebox.

  2. Very nice review. I look forward to hearing one in a store. That is the only way to see if the audio quality will be acceptable.

    As I have been burned before by media players, I would be interested to know how ofter this crashes, and how long the reboot time is. I have a very expensive DVD/media player sitting with a pile of other toys in the corner collecting dust. With the constant freezes and having to unplug it to reinitialize, my family is reluctant to except any "fancy" technology.

    1. I got the duet not long after it launched; 0 crashes to date. The device itself is flawless however my remote has had a few problems before with the firmware. I'm looking to get a touch at the end of the month.

  3. What seems to be missing:

    Support for DLNA
    HD Radio
    Time Set From the Internet (?)
    WiFi n with dual band

    I know they are not all needed, but I would like to see it support the latest technology.

    1. DLNA: Squeezebox's proprietary protocol is /much/ more reliable than DLNA in my experience (I have both) and you can do multi-room sync/remote control with ease.

      HD Radio: Don't have this in the UK so I don't know why would you need it when it will stream just about anything across the internet (the BBC has started broadcasting some internet radio stations at 320kbps so audio quality can be excellent, if the broadcaster plays along).

      Time From the Internet: I'm sure it does this.

      Bandwidth: As scoob said – I don't know why you would need this?

  4. @Scott,

    I've had mine for 3 months and it's never crashed, sound quality is geniunly superb and it can go surprisingly loud. From powering off the mains it takes 20-30 seconds to switch on, but if you just use the power button on the device it's less than 2 seconds before it will start playing,.

    @OwlSaver Yes it does set date and time from the internet.

  5. Also, after trying other media players from hard disk units to DLNA units. What really puts the Logitech head and shoulders above the rest is thats it's very easy to use. My Girlfriend has her fav radio (from all over the world) stored in the presets and navigating from the Home Server collection is easy enough for my 10 year old.

  6. I own the SB Radio as well as the SB Boom (slightly more money, bigger footprint, stereo larger better sound).

    The SB Radio is nice but it depends on how big your room is. I use it in my home office on my desk. The sounds is not big enough for my kitchen/dining room area, so in there I have the squeezebox boom. If you are most concerned with audio quality, the SB Boom is for you (not the SB Radio).

    Also, the review is misleading in that it references 'local channels' or OTA channels. In fact, there is no OVER THE AIR AM/FM antenna on this "Radio". It is strictly internet streaming but it does find your "local" internet streamed content – to the extent there is any.

    It is a great product.

    I have several of them around the first floor of my house. To have more than one is a true benefit because they can 'synch' to each other if you want — creating a sound system throughout the house without any wiring.

    1. Based upon your local current location, Logitech groups "local" stations into a specific section, which is a very nice option for those wishing to tune in to local stuff. You are correct in that the Radio is still pulling the info off the Internet, not OTA. Perhaps I should have stated eOTA, iOTA, or "pulling in local stations from the Internet".. The net effect is the same, however. Except, of course, if you lose the Internet, the Squeezebox is not going to pull in anything… 🙂

  7. continued…

    Finally, the Radio does not come with a battery or remote. A (tiny and insufficient) remote and a rechargeable battery are available for $50 for both from Logitech. The SB Boom comes with a remote already — but does not have the option of using a rechargeable battery to take it around in the garage or elsewhere— the Boom must always be plugged in.

    The SB Radio is a great product. I use it for internet radio, my library of MP3s on my WHS and Pandora — but before you buy, you may also want to check out the Squeezebox Boom as an alternative. You can find it sometimes for $180 and it is a better sounding and larger sounding product.

  8. Nice review Jim, I'm loving the new rating system gives me a quick glance at the biggest concerns. Did you guys do a review of the touch?

  9. Yes – it is the magic box. It really does do just about anything. It has it's quirks, particularly with the alarm clock on occasion. But they've mostly fixed that. From a music/sound/radio point of view – I really can't think of much that this doesn't do. It you have something like Napster, or Rhapsody, or Spotify – it is almost worth the price of admission just as a stand-alone player for those services.

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