Do you love music?  Any kind of music, or just some kinds of music?  Do you like:

  • Internet radio stations?
  • Local OTA stations?
  • Your own personal collection?

Perhaps you like to wake up to a specific song in the morning?

Whatever your question might be, Logitech may have the answer for you in the form of the Squeezebox Radio.  This may be the most expensive alarm clock you will ever own, but it promises do just about anything you might ever want to do music-wise.


What’s In The Box?

I have owned a few Logitech products over the years.  You can count on two things from Logitech in their packaging:

  • The Logitech Green theme
  • Lots of eye-catching consumer-style artwork


It is hard to mistake a Logitech product for someone else’s.

Digging down inside, you will the radio securely packaged.


Once the contents are removed, you will find a Quick Start Guide, power brick, 3.5mm audio jack, and the radio itself.


Finally, we have a shot of the front and rear of the radio.


What is surprising about the radio itself is that it quite heavy for a device that is about 9” x 5” x 4”.  It is not a brick, but it definitely has a nice solid feel to it.  On the other hand, while shiny black acrylic plastic looks nice at first, the finger prints that gather themselves to this kind of finish do not.