Microsoft created a huge void with the removal of Drive Extender in WHS 2011.  Voids have a habit of not remaining so for long.  Just yesterday, we had an announcement about one potential replacement called StableBit DrivePool.  Today, we hear from a reader, Johnny, as a comment in that particular article about another potential replacement called Drive Bender.

The announcement on the developer’s website below indicates that a Beta will be available on the 21st of February.


This is great and not so great at the same time, in my opinion.  It is great in that there are enterprising individuals/companies out there willing to spend the time and effort to develop a DE replacement add-in.

I applaud them (one and all) for their efforts.

It is not so great in that one now has to do a significant amount of testing to determine which of two or more options is the better choice at a time when users are ready to make decisions to upgrade to WHS 2011.  Or not.  I know that I will playing with the alternatives on a test server.  Key word is “test” in that I need that warm fuzzy feeling that my data will be safe before I turn “test” into “production”.

Unless, of course, you decide RAID to be the ultimate choice.

StableBit started the ball rolling.  Drive Bender wants to be heard from also.  Who else will join and who will come out the winner?

If you want to try out the Beta, you need to head over to and sign up.