Manage Windows Home Server With Your Android Phone With WHS Phone for Android

Windows Phone 7 owners have been able to connect their smartphones to Windows Home Server for some time thanks to Paul Juenger’s WHS Phone add-in. But with Android handsets rapidly gaining in popularity, it’s about time that a developer created a similar add-in for Google’s platform. The good news is that such an add-in is on the way, and better still, its not just a similar add-in – it’s the same!

WHS Phone for Android is on the way from the same development team as the version for Windows Phone 7, and promises to offer all of the same features as the currently available release for Microsoft’s smartphone platform:

  • Stream music from your home server to your Android phone
  • View photos on your phone, and upload photos to the home server
  • View your server’s resources, manage users, computer status and more

The add-in isn’t quite ready for a beta release, but we managed to twist the developer’s arm to give us a few work in progress screenshots of the add-in. Bear in mind, these may still be subject to change.

So, if you’re an Android owner and have been feeling a little left out when it comes to connecting your phone to Windows Home Server, then stay tuned to WGS for more information on the beta as we get it.



  1. Most excellent…I have been searching on and off for a WHS App for my Droid X ever since I got my phone. I will definitely try this App.

  2. Pleased to see it's moving over to additional platforms, and not just windows phone….. is a WHS Phone for iPhone possible next??

    1. amen. That TouchPad and Pre3 look sweet, and WebOS is a relatively easy platform to develop for… Especially with the new Enyo framework.

  3. This looks great, just got my Adam, had a quick google and found this, I shall be heading over to try the beta with WHS 2011

  4. I can’t wait for the beta. I just upgraded to 2011 and want something to use other than teamveiwer. I just hope it comes soon.

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