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Experience Level: Medium

StableBit Scanner is an advanced hard drive scanning and monitoring tool for Windows Home Server v1, Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. It monitors all hard drives in your home server looking for damage then analyses and retrieves files from the damaged sectors of the disk.

StableBit Scanner reads and monitors the on-disk Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology data in order to predict disk failure. StableBit Scanner tries very hard to get at the S.M.A.R.T. data, it asks the Operating System, it asks the disk directly by issuing commands to it, and it talks to USB bridge chips in order to get direct access to drives behind USB enclosures. If S.M.A.R.T. detects disk failure, you are notified immediately.

StableBit Scanner is designed not to interfere with any other disk access. If another application starts accessing the disk, or if you start copying a file over the network that is coming from the disk being scanned, StableBit Scanner will suspend the current scan operation and wait for the disk to become free.


  • Hard Drive Monitoring
  • File Aware Scanner
  • Scan throttling
  • Disk overheat protection
  • Reading and analysis of SMART data
  • Perpetual, scheduled and manual scanning available

Developer: Covecube Inc.

Download: Stablebit Scanner (WHS 2011) | Stablebit Scanner (WHS v1)

Release History

v2.0.0.2066 (May 2012)

  • Added 2 different yield points for UI update throttling on slower systems:- Yield in dispatcher pool, if the current task took > 100ms. Come back in 100ms.

    – Yield on store update if dispatcher queue is > 250ms.

  • Added a UI performance overlay for debugging the BETA, hit ‘P’ to activate.
  • Created a custom dispatcher pool to manage UI marshaling behavior.

v2.0.0.1873 (May 2012)

  • Cleaned up some excessive memory consumption in the service while scanning disk surface.
  • Save selected sector size.
  • Added file scan and recovery engine.
  • When a disk has bad sectors on it, an option will become available to scan for damaged files as a result of the on-disk damage. You will then be able to select one or more damaged files and attempt recovery to an external location.
  • The file scan and recovery engine from Scanner 1.0 was cleaned up, optimized and extended to support
  • GPT disks and batch file recovery.
  • A brand new UI for file scan and recovery that does away with the old Wizard interface.
  • Damaged on-disk entities are listed as the file scan progresses in real-time.
  • You can attempt recovery for one or more damaged NTFS files.
  • Updated all UI controls to the latest versions.
  • Added per-disk maximum temperature override.
  • Disabled SAT for non-USB drives by default. Enable unsafe mode to use (.config)

v2.0.0.1267 BETA (10th February 2012)

  • Ability to turn off automatic scanning, per-disk (see disk settings).
  • Fixed crash when adding notification if SMART was not available.

v2.0.0.1261 BETA

  • Added per-disk settings. These settings are stored in the Scanner’s store and are associated with a particular disk. They are not stored on the disk itself.
  • Give your disks a custom name.
  • Disable SMART.
  • Disable Direct I/O.
  • Added option to “ignore” SMART warnings. Ignore is intelligent, where it will re-issue the warning if any of the problem attributes change. There is also the option to permanently ignore all SMART warnings on a per-disk basis. To access this feature, a new button will become available on the SMART dialog when you have SMART warnings issued for a disk.

v2.0.0.1020 Beta

  • Added disk control dialog.
  • Automatic acoustic management (AAM).
  • Added SCT support.
  • Current temperature.
  • Life maximum / minimum.
  • Manufacturer recommended maximum / minumum limit.
  • Temperature sample history, as recorded by drive.
  • User can change sample interval (this is on the drive itself).

v2.0.0.939 Beta

  • Support for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials
  • Automatic updating uses the built-in WSS add-in update mechanism.
  • Supports all the features from 1.0, except file recovery (coming soon).
  • The WSS Dashboard interface was written from scratch using WPF.
  • The entire back-end was ported from 1.0 to work on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • First public BETA.


  • Added confing option for maximum number of trace lines to log on error report
  • Fixed rare access violation in native code handler.
  • Fixed insane bytes per sector value on one particular USB enclosure (based on auto error report).
  • Fixed omni-store tree node delete.


  • Fixed issue with sector map not re-drawing.
  • Updated SMART attribute formats / warnings to bring it in sync with the latest (Cloud).
  • Fixed deadlock that could potentially lock up the service in some rare cases (and by proxy the console if user tries to interact with the service).


  • On fresh install, cloud integration dialog should be shown right after licensing.
  • Keep at most 20 error reports saved at all times.
  • Only show UI error dialog if the error actually came from us.
  • Prior to this, the StableBit Scanner would show the error dialog no matter which add-in crashed the console. This will reduce false positives.
  • Errors from client-service synchronization will not crash the console. This had the potential of crashing the console while disk removal was in progress.
  • WHS Missing disks will be reported as missing.


  • Archive disks running low on space will no longer be reported as damaged. WHS APIs return “FAILING” in this case.


  • Activation ID will update instantly.
  • Trial extension will be offered for beta trial -> release trial.



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