Microsoft Press Cancels Windows Home Server Vail Inside Out Book

Over at, Andrew Edney has announced today that Microsoft Press have taken the decision to cancel his forthcoming book, Windows Home Server Inside Out.

The disappointing news comes in the wake of widespread criticism of Microsoft’s decision to remove Windows Home Server Vail’s core storage feature, leading many existing users to state that they would not upgrade to the new platform. Vail is slated for release in the first half of next year.

Andrew’s announcement reads as follows:

It is with some regret that I have to announce that my forthcoming book, Windows Home Server Inside Out by MS Press has been cancelled. Following the news last week that Microsoft have removed Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Code Name Vail, and seeing the large amount of comments on UWHS, and all the other sites, MS Press really had no other choice than to cancel the book.

I don’t blame them at all for this decision – after all, any other author will tell you, there really isn’t much money these days in print books and if the general feeling out there is that people won’t or even may not use Vail, then there certainly won’t be much of a need for a book!

Hopefully Windows Home Server Inside Out might see the light of day at some later date.

Let’s hope we see the book published at some point in the future, or Andrew can find a way to publish the content himself over at his site.




    1. I hopeso too, otherwise what they are saying is much scarier.. I direct your attention to
      "and if the general feeling out there is that people won’t or even may not use Vail, then there certainly won’t be much of a need for a book!"

      A comment like that is rather scary.. it sounds a lot like being defeatist and hinting that homserver is dead..

      1. I think that MS Press's comments are fair to be honest given the huge backlash from everyone about the removal of DE.

        There is a lot of "well I wont buy Vail" comments, and so they are going on that.

        If something changes then maybe they will look to publish my book at a later stage!

  1. I see a great need for a good WHS book to be honest with you. I believe home servers are no longer going to be "geek toys" but a standard home appliance as the amount of individual electronic data continues to skyrocket. Although WHS is very easy to use, I guarantee people will still be at a loss on how to fully utilize their new shiny box. Sites like Wegotserved (and others of course) are great, but not for everyone. As is, the people that need the most help with WHS probably won't care about the loss of Drive Extender (although everyone else surely will) because they probably won't fully understand what they were missing to begin with. I hope that MS Press reconsiders in the future for your sake Andrew.

  2. Well, yet more writing on the wall that MS is going to drop WHS. There was no mention of the book being postponed: the book is CANCELLED! Clearly MS Press has better info than we do, since even if WHS was to be released a bit late they would not just drop the book completely but put it off for a while. This is very bad news for all of us.

  3. Something about a Vail of Secrecy surrounding this whole affair…

    Sad really, I like WHS and it does a lot of good things…

  4. I think Microsoft my be considering canceling Vail and focusing on cloud / online backup.
    It's the big push where lots of companies are going.
    I am sure if HP doesn't like Vail they will go the same route.

  5. I guess this is the big confirmation that Vail is to be axed. Why would you need a book for a product that does not exist?

  6. Guys, they are canceling DE, not Vail.
    that is a good thing. DE would corrupt files,and was very unreliable.
    If you wrote a book focusing on DE, and they took DE out, uh yeah!, no need for the book.

  7. Hope to see vail have a release and succes. Want to built a WHS on it. But if they gonna cancel it then I guess people will shift choises. for me I'll might be buying an Q-nap NAS instead for 8 disks… And no it's not the price why I choose this. (I'll like the idea of building A WHS)

  8. I've already backed off Vail.. Drobo is nice, but seriously, Synology Diskstation units have much more flexability, iSCSI support, supports microsofts AD if you're still stuck with microsoft, all media functions that WHS, for hte most part, and TRUE raid.. I'm running a DS410 and freaking love this thing. And NO 10 client limiations.. has eSata and usb ports for external drives and printers, and can hosts up to 30 websites w/PHP and mySql support .. They even have a new beta add-in for doing scheduled backups of the unit to the external USB drive for off-site storage..

    The community support is very nice, great mod groups out there, it's what WHS should have been in the first place. They just released v3 of their OS – it's freaking awesome. Oh, yea, he has a mail server to.. heh.. man.. list goes on and on..

    Sad thing is, I still need a small server to serve up some windows based applications, but it's just a single drive system being backed up to my DS410..

    For me, Synology has already replace microsoft as my central WHS.

  9. Good sign. Even if there are only a few people who purchase it (Windows ME) they would still release a book.

    Unless there were major changes.

    Now if they can go kiss some HP butt to get them back in the game.

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