Over at usingwindowshomeserver.com, Andrew Edney has announced today that Microsoft Press have taken the decision to cancel his forthcoming book, Windows Home Server Inside Out.

The disappointing news comes in the wake of widespread criticism of Microsoft’s decision to remove Windows Home Server Vail’s core storage feature, leading many existing users to state that they would not upgrade to the new platform. Vail is slated for release in the first half of next year.

Andrew’s announcement reads as follows:

It is with some regret that I have to announce that my forthcoming book, Windows Home Server Inside Out by MS Press has been cancelled. Following the news last week that Microsoft have removed Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Code Name Vail, and seeing the large amount of comments on UWHS, and all the other sites, MS Press really had no other choice than to cancel the book.

I don’t blame them at all for this decision – after all, any other author will tell you, there really isn’t much money these days in print books and if the general feeling out there is that people won’t or even may not use Vail, then there certainly won’t be much of a need for a book!

Hopefully Windows Home Server Inside Out might see the light of day at some later date.

Let’s hope we see the book published at some point in the future, or Andrew can find a way to publish the content himself over at his site.

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