HP Begins Small Business Sales Push for Drobo

In a surprise move, HP are set to begin selling Data Robotics Inc.’s line of Drobo storage devices, according to reports. Despite targeting consumers with the HP MediaSmart Server and small businesses with the HP Data Vault range, the company have moved to bolster their online storage offer with solutions from a direct competitor. The full range of Drobos are now available to buy from the HP Small Business Direct online store.

With no public announcements from HP as yet regarding support for Microsoft’s forthcoming Colorado server platform – Windows Home Server Vail, SBS 2011 Essentials (Aurora) or Windows Storage Server  2008 R2 Essentials (Breckenridge) – the partnership is a fascinating move, and a coup for Data Robotics.


Data Robotics offers a range of direct and network attached storage solutions for consumers, SMBs and enterprises. A USB 3.0 version of the Drobo S has just been announced.

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  1. Heard a rumor that HP is closing its MediaSmart server division and relocating employees.
    It looks like the WHS market is not big enough. Any rumors about MS to do the same?

  2. This move makes a lot more sense given MS's announcement that DE would be ripped from Vail. HP probably got early word of that (dumber-than-dumb) decision, concluded they wouldn't be selling many MSS's running Vail, and decided to hedge their bets with Drobo.

  3. Same idea occurred to me – no DE in Vail == no MSS Market. HP obviously knew about DE removal from Vail before MS announcement and quickly moved to Drobo to fill the void. It's not pretty watching a product die, but I believe that is exactly what we are witnessing.

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