My Movies for iPad Now Available in the App Store

Back in the Summer I reviewed Brian Binnerup’s My Movies for iPhone, a companion browser for My Movies for Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server. The app allows you to browse and manage your movie collection, be it disc-based or fully digital – I thought it was all rather good.

Fast forward three months, and My Movies for iPad has now been released for Apple’s popular tablet. It provides a similar set of features to its smaller-screened cousin, with a few neat tricks, including the ability to start playback of titles from the iPad in Windows Media Center, and a (now familiar) bookshelf view of your movies. Movie trailers can be streamed directly to the iPad, and you can browse a dizzying array of detail on each title in your collection including artwork, cast and crew details and more.

Full features as follows:

Movie trailers

If you are unsure which movie to watch, you can at any time see a movie trailer for the titles in your collection, or for titles you lookup on our data service.

The application also contains a “Trailers” section, allowing you to see trailers of movies currently or coming in a cinema near you. All trailers is played back in full screen on the iPad.

Unlimited amount of titles

The amount of titles you can enter onto your device in My Movies for iPad is virtually unlimited. The application is tested and validated with up to 5,000 titles.

Users of My Movies for iPhone Light or Pro does not have to worry about having to re-add their collection – simply installing My Movies for iPad and letting it synchronize against our online servers will maintain the full collection you have already entered.

High resolution covers

Covers can be configured to be downloaded in three different sizes; 15 kb thumbnails, 50 kb medium images or full size 190 kb images. Clicking on a cover, you can at any time download single covers in higher resolution than your pre-defined setting, and the full size images allows for full screen viewing.

Our high quality database holds both high resolution front and back covers for almost all Blu-ray and DVD releases, and all covers are cropped to only contain the actual cover, and not any additional annoying frames or white spaces.


Searching your collection is easy – simply click in search box in the top bar when browsing your titles. The search function shows a filtered list of titles that matches the criterias, and if you confirm your search, the list of titles will contain only matching titles.

Using the “Persons” tab, you can search for actors and directors as well, to see which titles in your collection they appear in.

Detailed filtering

Having a large movie collection, being able to filter your titles is essential – using the filtering options, you are sure to be able to find what you are looking for. You can filter on  type (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD), genre, group (owned, wished, …), watched, parental rating levels, production years, personal categories*, online status* and loaned status.

* Personal categories and online status refer to options available with My Movies Collection Management desktop software for Windows.

Advanced sorting

Viewing the overview of your titles, you are able to sort by a high number of details, such as title, collection number, star rating, running time, production year, release date, parental level and added date.

This gives you the option to always see which titles you added last, which have the highest global rating, which is newest and much more.

Online Collection

Using the settings page, you can enable the My Movies Online Collection for your user account, and with one click get a website of all the titles in your collection, which you can share with family and friends – and if it is not anyone that should be allowed access, you can even password protect the online collection.

The online collection will at any time automatically reflect your current collection and will automatically update when you add or remove titles. You can see an example of an online collection at

Blu-ray and DVD release lists

With the applications “Releases” section, you are able to see complete lists of Blu-ray or DVD titles released in your region this week*, or you can move back and forward in week periods to see when the various titles was or will be available.

As with any other title you can access in My Movies, you can also see covers and watch trailers of the titles being released.

* The release lists may be incomplete or even empty in some countries. We are always working on improving coverage with these lists.

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