Other Device Performance

It was finally time to check out how well this device worked on other devices.  The first device I hooked it up to is my oldest son’s

Xbox 360

I let him use it over a period of 2-3 days.  During that time, he played his normal amount of on-line games plus some Netflix hosted movies/shows.  I have nothing to graphically show you that would indicate how well it worked.

I just know it worked.

Why?  My boys will immediately jump me if the Internet starts lagging during game play.  Immediately.  There were no lags, nothing.  To this son, his Xbox 360 worked just as well wired or wireless.

Next, I configured the Xbox 360 as a Windows Media Extender.  I played recorded TV shows.  I played music and viewed some pictures.  I played some videos.  My movies are in .VOB format, so I did not bother with those, as the Xbox will not play those files.

The end result was that it just worked.

BD Player

I plugged in the WiFi adapter to my BD player, turned it on, and checked online for any device updates.  Next, I fired up Netflix, watched a movie and all was good.  I do not know how many total “quality” bars there are for Netflix streaming, but it was more than 3/4 of the way to the top.

It just worked.