The following picture is a graphical representation of the Local Area Network in my home.


What this “graphical” representation does not portray is the actual physical layout of those devices in my home.  For example, one of the Xbox 360s is 6 feet away from the router, while the other Xbox 360 is a few rooms away.  In order to get Internet access to this second Xbox 360, I have to run a 50 foot Ethernet cable up and down walls, along baseboards, and …  Well, you get the picture.

Then I saw this WiFi adapter from Netgear.  No drivers.  Hook it up to anything with an Ethernet port.  Just what I needed for that Xbox 360, I thought to myself, as there was no way I was going to spend ~$100 for a Microsoft WiFi adapter for that gaming machine.  Many things I review are neat to check out, from a reviewers point of view.  Sometimes, there are products that I actually *want* to try out, not just as a review item, but from a personal perspective.

This is one of those products.

Introducing the Netgear WNCE2001 Universal WiFi Internet adapter.


If this thing works as advertised, this is one of those items that I will probably put on someone’s Christmas list.  I would just love to get rid of that Ethernet cable.

What’s In The Box?

Before we get to what is inside, we have the front


and back


of the package which gives one an idea of what you are getting.  Digging down deeper,


we have a Quick Installation Guide


and the hardware consisting of the WiFi adapter, a power adapter, USB power adapter, Ethernet cable, and some Velcro strips.


A closer view of just the adapter.  On one end, we have the Power, LAN and WLAN LEDs.  On the


other side are the controls and connections.  From left to right: reset pinhole, Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) button, Ethernet port, and power port.