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Experience Level: Standard

AVA Media is an add-in/hardware combo for Windows Home Server, which comes in the form of a CD & DVD Ripping application for the platform.

AVA Media is available as an audio-only application or with full CD & DVD ripping depending on your needs and is available to buy with a bundled external CD/DVD drive.

Once the software is installed to your Home Server, and registered, you simply plug in your external drive and slide in a CD (audio version) or a DVD (full version) and the AVA Media system does the rest.

  • Collects and compares the meta data (track titles etc) from multiple data providers, including GD3 a premium data provider
  • Rips your CDs to high quality (lossless) formats or MP3 – then stores the files for sharing to your media players
  • Can be set to convert to a second format for mobile use (MP3 players)
  • Then simply ejects the disk when done (normally 4-5 minutes, depending on the number of tracks and disk surface condition)
  • The music files are then available to all your network and portable music players (subject to the server type), i.e. SONOS etc
  • Your music library is also available for viewing on your Home Server console

Developer: Tranquil PC


Release History

v1.6.0.3 (12th October 2010)

Added: Support for Nimbie NB11 DVD/Blu-ray media center copying.
Added: Event Handler functionality
Added: Mede8er meta-data storage.
Update: Dune interface improved.
Update: TViX interface improved.
Change: MetaData files moved to user customization
Fix: AnyDVD is now set to be silent to prevent popups during disc identification.
AVA Media for Windows Home Server 1.51 Build 2
Fix: Issue causing the program to run into a loop if something is wrong within the default processing component.
Fix: Configures Transcoder to not look at DVD drives, which could cause disc copying to take way too long.
Fix: Restarting AnyDVD if disc id cannot be read

v1.51 (23rd January 2010)

Added: User customization content for My Movies 3
Fix: Workaround to problem with special discs that AnyDVD cannot handle for external programs.
Fix: Issue preventing the program from getting album art from Amazon when copying CD’s
Fix: Issue where reading a disc id from AnyDVD could fail
Fix: Issue with selecting language on Xtreamer, TViX and Dune integrations

v1.0.5.7 (17th July 2009)

1. That could cause a CD not to copy if an empty artist or album title occurs CD’s with many tracks failed to copy
2. Issue with MP3 and CD titles with long file names
3. CD’s with sector read errors now fail after a total of 25 read errors on each track.
4. Avoids the copy process to appear to hang for longer time, while trying to read scratched sectors.
5. Issue causing installer version to give license message on each reboot

6. Handling of read errors from the database in some occasions

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