IFA 2010: SONY VAIO 3D Notebook Concept

3D was everywhere at IFA this year. Name any product, and it’s likely to have a 3D version on the way (or so it seemed).


Of course, 3D TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors were abundant, and all over the show floor attendees stood around in 3D glasses checking out a range of content, including Sky’s coverage of the Darts World Championship on display at the Sony booth, which didn’t strike me as the most beautiful of content to show off their latest kit.

Elsewhere, Sony were showing a 3D VAIO Notebook prototype which is set for release at some point in 2011. Whilst I can’t see anyone wishing to use Windows in 3D for work, 3D video playback from Blu-ray may be of interest to movie buffs on the move.


The notebook is compatible with the same Active Shutter glasses that Sony are using on their new Bravia TVs, which is useful as they’re not cheap at around £150 a pop. Expect to hear more about Sony’s plans for the 3D VAIO at CES in January.


  1. Ugh the sooner we get rid of those active shutter glasses the better, £150 is outrageous – albeit not so bad on a personal product.

    The sooner autostereoscopy takes off the better; glasses should be for projectors only!

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