McAfee Total Protection Service Drops Support for Windows Home Server

McAfee have announced that their Total Protection Service anti-virus client for Windows Home Server has reached end of life. A new version of the product, to be renamed McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection will be released in September, but will not support Microsoft’s home server platform. Anti-virus updated will continue to be issued until June 30th 2011, after such time users will be forced to look elsewhere.

The announcement states:

McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection (formerly Total Protection Service) Operating System Support

With the planned September 2010 release of SaaS Endpoint Protection 5.2, Windows Home Server will no longer be supported. DATs will continue to be provided for Windows Home Server agents until June 30, 2011.

McAfee Total Protection Service has been bundled with the last two generations of HP’s range of home server solutions as well as the Acer Aspire easyStore Home Server. The announcement comes just months after a global agreement between HP and McAfee to ship Total Protection Service on HP’s Data Vault. With a beta of the next version of Windows Home Server well underway, it is assumed that new hardware will be available from both manufacturers by next June, however it is unclear what measures, if any, will be taken to support existing customers.

McAfee follow F-Secure in dropping support for Microsoft’s home server platform, leaving Avast as the only credible anti-malware provider for Windows Home Server. Looking to the future, anti-virus protection is a strong candidate for a cloud subscription service and Microsoft have hinted at plans for Symantec to support Windows Server Aurora upon release. Whether this support will extend to the consumer server product remains to be seen.

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  1. So, few security products existed for WHS v.1, and now McAfee drops out of the game. "Vail" and "Aurora" are coming, but in the meantime?

    You'd think that Microsoft would modify and release Security Essentials for the WHS v.1 platform….
    But you'd be wrong.

    1. Yeah thats the only thing I do not like about having WHS is so few AV options. I mean MS does not even have it for their own product

  2. Does anyone know if WHS ClamAV is a true Security product for WHS v.1. I know it doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it is free. Would I be better served to get AVAST? Will avast follow the path of the other two? Unfortunately I had invested in both of those and frankly getting tired of throwing my money away. McAfee's support has gone to hell anyway.

    1. If I'm not mistaken, ClamAV does not have an "on-line" virus scanner. That is, you have to execute a scan to verify your files are virus-free, it will not check automaticaly them when you open or move them.

  3. If I may… NOD32 home edition will work on WHS. It doesn't have a plugin for the console, but it works quite well.

    1. NOD32 vs 4.0 works perfectly on WHS. Its not a Add-in, but a PC installation on a WHS.
      Does anyone knows how to remove the mcafee add-in?
      Its not in the map were the add-ins were placed on the WHS software/add-ins directory.

  4. So… Are we going to get a refund on our 3 year licences then. Bit of a joke really to sell that licence in the first place.

  5. Good riddance. Product was flawed from the start. Hated it and resented it was ever installed as part of an HP update.

  6. I just received this from Mcafee regarding Mcafee for WHS (I use it, and while it does take some tweaking with the policies, I found it to work):

    We are currently still in the beginning stage of evaluating the feasibility of supporting SaaS (Formerly known as Total Protection Service) long term for current version of windows home server, so I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you a Yes/No answer to your first question.

    However, one thing I can assure you is that McAfee are continuing making enhancements to the SaaS product for windows home server, and going forward, SaaS is planned to be the product for windows home server.

  7. McAfee was junk and never can stop anything from getting onto your system I have avast on my desk tops and laptops and Trend micro server protect on the WHS this has proven the best way to protect the server as trend micro is one of the best in the server market

  8. Strange. I have a license for McAfee Total Protection valid thru 2013. So mcAfee can just end the support just like that?? Are they doing a refund for 2 years?

    1. yes patrick I am in the same boat…If I find out I will let you know. I expect a refund as you do i assume.

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