ATVFlash v4.1.5 Update for AppleTV Released

AppleTV hackers will be happy to learn that ATVFlash, an application to make hacking your fruity digital media receiver easy, has had an update pushed out today. The new release, v4.1.5 offers a number of new features and fixes, including support for Logitech’s Harmony One remote, support for the upcoming Dharma release of XBMC  and more.

Full changes:

  • [Feature] Added support for Harmony One remote during DVD playback
  • [Feature] Added drive/folder icons for file browsing
  • [Feature] Added support for installing Dharma XBMC versions
  • [Feature] Added access to aTV Flash demo video via Maintenance –> Install Extras menu
  • [Updated] Sapphire (8.0.5) – Improved metadata importing + bug fixes
  • [Updated] nitoTV (0.9.4) – Improved DVD file playback + bug fixes
  • [Updated] Maintenance (4.1.5) – Software update bug fixes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing audio issue (intro video)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed rare freezing issue when playing DVD files
  • [Bugfix] Other minor bug fixes

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