Installing an Email Server on Windows Home Server

Installing an email server is not for the feint-hearted, but fortunately help is on hand with Pete Stagman’s guide. Pete walks through the process of installing and configuring DynDNS on Windows Home Server alongside DeskNow! Mail and Collaboration Server.


I hear the question all the time. “Why doesn’t Windows Home Server have an e-Mail Server included?”

The answer is simple: Because it ain’t easy to do.

Well, let me clarify that. It’s EASY to install and run e-Mail Server software on Windows Home Server. It’s not so easy to get it to work with your ISP, connection, firewall and clients……

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  1. I have been running Mercury mail server for some time. It was very easy to set up,and is also proving very secure. Some good, simple insructions are available for those who need a little hand holding.

  2. I agree that it's pretty easy to run an internet-facing mail server from WHS where the mail server is set up on its own custom domain.

    What I'd like to do, though, is to run a relay server on WHS that provides a local IMAP store (so calendars, mailboxes and the read/unread status of emails can be shared across several desktop clients) but transparently relays all mail traffic (both to and from) through my existing ISP accounts so I don't have to change all my addresses.

    Has anyone done this?

  3. There is also Vpop3 which I have used for years. Excellent support, plenty of version releases and has a WHS console module.

  4. MailEnable standard works well on WHS – very easy to install and no integration issues with the default iis config / whs site. Also, this is the mailenable free license, so cheap if on a budget with easy upgrade path if you find you have cash spare and want extra features.

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