Hulu Plus Heads to Your iPhone, iPad, TV, PS3 and Next Year… Xbox 360

As widely predicted, Hulu today announced the launch of a forthcoming premium subscription service, which will bring the company’s library of US TV shows and Movies to a wider range of devices, including internet enabled TVs and Blu-ray players from Sony, Vizio and Samsung plus Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. Support for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will also be available.


As well as extending device support, the $9.99 monthly Hulu Plus subscription will also provide season passes to a wide range of TV shows, from ABC, NBC and FOX incorporating current and previous seasons.


But it’s not all good news for Xbox 360 owners – support for Microsoft’s console will not be available until “early 2011”. Speaking to TechFlash, Microsoft explained the delay,

Hulu Plus will come to Xbox 360 in early 2011. We are taking the time to ensure the Hulu Plus experience for Xbox 360 is the best on the TV. Like our other entertainment experiences, Hulu Plus will not simply be ported onto Xbox 360 – it will be tailored to take advantage of the social connectivity possible with our 25 million member Xbox LIVE community and the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360. Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 will include signature features like controller-free navigation with Kinect and Xbox LIVE Parties so you can watch with friends no matter where they are.

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  1. big deal to some, not to me. Until Hulu and Blockbuster create a Media Center plugin like Netflix, I will pass, same actually goes for the sports sites as well, I normally would get NHL Center Ice, but it stinks (no hd where I live) and poor image, so last year I tried the NHL Live online service, it was ok and a better picture, but having to connect the mouse is a pain, this year if it's not on regular tv I am passing on the NHL because they have nothing easy to use. The netflix plug-in leaves alot to be desired but it is far better than nothing, these services lose many potential users due to lack of a remote friendly MC plugin, oh well I have lived without them this long, will not miss what I never had.

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