VidaBox Debuts Media Center Controls for iPad

Media Center specialist VidaBox today announced the forthcoming release of Media Center Controls for iPad, an exclusive app for the iPad which serves as a remote controller for Windows Media Center, including the ability to hook in additional home automation controls.

Set for release later in the year, the app will only be available with VidaBox hardware – the app will not be available in the App Store. Sounds like a missed opportunity for VidaBox, but I guess they know their business model better than I do. Over to the developer community to get something up and running that’s available to all – I’d happy pay the money, who’s with me?

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VidaBox Debuts Media Center Controls for iPad® at the Asian Pacific CEDIA EXPO

Melbourne, Australia – Asian Pacific CEDIA Expo – June 23rd – idaBox LLC, an award-winning manufacturer of advanced media servers & control solutions, debuted their new iPad Media Center controls today in Booth 3A at the Asian Pacific CEDIA EXPO. VidaBox may be the very first company to offer such a solution for Windows-based Media Centers.

“We’re all absolutely thrilled to be the first in showcasing what dealers have been asking for,” claims Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox, LLC. “With the iPad®, users can now browse and launch movies & music by cover art, get rich metadata, and much more – quickly and easily – all from a single, inexpensive device. Beyond controlling media center, dealers and integrators can potentially tie in multiroom audio, or basic room control with lighting and more.”

When programmed properly, the same VidaBox interface can be used to turn on a zone to power TVs, receivers, or even lights, while setting up the proper AV connections on the receiver. Cable, satellite, and other TV boxes can also be controlled via IR from the VidaBox iPad® interface. Plans are also in the works for audio integration with online music sources like Rhapsody, Pandora, Napster, Shoutcast, and other popular services.

“Unlike the current vAutomation 1.0 platform, dealers with this new vAutomation 2.0 platform will do minimal or almost no programming – but still get to enjoy these snazzy, user friendly interfaces,” continues Cheung. “Everything is set up at the factory in advance, so users can quickly flick through dozens of archived music albums, DVDs, Blu-rays, launch these titles, and control multiple zones – all out of the box. With the iPad’s ultra responsive touchscreen, it’s never been faster or simpler.”

iPad® controls for VidaBox will be available for qualified dealers and integrators in Q3 of this year. For more information on the VidaBox line of digital entertainment and control hardware solutions, please visit the company website at, call 516-730-7500, or see them in action at the Asian Pacific CEDIA Expo in Booth 3A.



  1. The the F*$% doesn't my ZuneHD or Mobile Phone 7 do this right now? Get your shizat together Microsoft. Don't make me buy in iPad.

  2. It looks good in theory but I just don't get it, who wants to use the iPad as a remote??? Maybe I am alone but for me a remote should be lightweight and fit in one hand. Also, I should not have to look down at it every second to see what I am doing. I understand the appeal of having all this "data" right at your hands, but for me practical and "it looks cool" are two different things. Maybe I am just old school….

  3. This is AWESOME! One more reason to purchase an iPad. But still, I'm waiting for the best reason to buy an iPad… a much, much lower price.

  4. > app will only be available with VidaBox hardware

    It isn't really an 'app' is it? . Sounds more like the vidabox hardware has a built in webserver which allows you to control it via a web browser.

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