Plextor Enters the NAS Market

I’ve been a bit busy this week.  I love reviewing hardware but it is awful time-consuming.  In addition, it is starting to get real nice outside, so the great outdoors beckons.  And I’ve been working on some other stuff that will be of interest to you-all in the foreseeable future.


Plextor announced early last week their first consumer NAS device, the PX-NAS2.  Many of the NAS devices I have looked at over the past several months have been more SOHO/SMB class NAS devices.  Hopefully, I can get my hands on one of these little devices for a test spin to see what the consumer/SOHO side of NAS has to offer.


The official announcement:

(Fremont, CA – April 12, 2010) – Plextor LLC (, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, is expanding its storage offerings with the announcement of the PX-NAS2, a 2-Bay network-attached storage device (NAS) that provides impressive data backup and sharing capacities and device connectivities

The PX-NAS2, Plextor’s first NAS device, is both PC and Mac compatible and a perfect solution for small office/home office (SoHo) and typical home users who want to back up, share and stream digital files over a home network. It securely stores important personal files or confidential data, while keeping all information accessible and shareable throughout the entire home network.

“Plextor is pleased to expand our storage category to meet today’s growing storage demand by providing another complete storage solution to our consumers,” Takashi Adachi, General Manager of Plextor. “The PX-NAS2 is a complete and versatile NAS device that fulfills the growing demand for storage capacity, security and accessibility of personal data anywhere, anytime within a home.”

Designed exclusively for typical home users, the system comes with Plextor PX-NAS2 utility program that detects any PX-NAS2 attached to your network environment and starts to share, download and transfer files with minimum configuration effort. The PX-NAS2 lets users to upload photos and videos to the most popular sites such as Flickr or YouTube.

Also bundled with PX-NAS2 is the powerful auto backup software tool, Memeo, the only software that allows users to backup, sync, and share content and information to multiple destinations simultaneously and automatically so personal digital life can be protected and accessible. In addition, PX-NAS2 has one-touch back up features which allows users to back up content from digital cameras, USB drives or other external devices by simply pressing the Copy/Sync button on the front panel.

PX-NAS2 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 compliant which ensures connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of other digital media devices such as media player, XBOX or PS3.

The auto-resume feature ensures that the system will re-start automatically and resume the interrupted operations after a power outage. Because only authorized users are allowed to connect to the PX-NAS2, stored files are totally safe with the PX-NAS2. With built-in volume encryption feature, any confidential and sensitive data is well protected when executing network to network transfer.

The Plextor PX-NAS2 will be available as of April 2010 in three different versions:

  • PX-NAS2-BL1 two-bay NAS without Hard Disks installed (MSRP $225.00)
  • PX-NAS2-1T1 two-bay NAS with 1TB, 2 x 500 GB Hard Disks installed (MSRP $355.00)
  • PX-NAS2-2T1 two-bay NAS with 2TB, 2 x 1 TB Hard Disks installed (MSRP $565.00)

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About Plextor

Plextor LLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment for professionals, consumers and enterprises. In 1990, Plextor established a U.S. operation in Silicon Valley with dedicated sales force for serving North and South America. Since then, the Plextor brand has been continually recognized as high-quality product, receiving numerous awards for its optical drives. Plextor will continue to deliver generations of award-winning products, including CD-R/RW, DVD+-R/RW, & Blu-ray optical disk drives, digital video converters and multimedia products. The Plextor brand of optical disc drives and multimedia products are owned by Shinano Kenshi in Japan.

More info: Plextor

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