Upgrading the HP MediaSmart Server EX470/EX480 Series With the 3.0 Update

It’s finally here – ever since HP announced last year that they would be making their v3.0 MediaSmart Server software available to all owners, I’ve had a steady stream of email (building into a torrent in recent weeks) from readers asking when it’ll be available.

As you’ll have read, the update is now available to order direct from HP. You’ll receive a new set of disks and a set of  upgrade instructions helping you through the steps required to upgrade. We were fortunate enough to receive a pre-production upgrade pack at the beginning of the month, so whilst you’re waiting for your disks, let’s run you through what’s required!


We’re going to walkthrough the process using the first generation EX475 HP MediaSmart Server. This is the lowest powered MediaSmart Server, shipping with a (mis-guided) 512Mb of memory, and an AMD Sempron 3400 processor. When it comes to using the v3.0 software, the processor is fine, but that memory will need to be upgraded. HP are advising that if you do not upgrade the memory of the EX470 series before updating the software to v3.0, your subsequent home server performance will be poor. Whilst the memory upgrade process is a little fiddly, there are some really good guides online to walk you through the process. Make sure you power up your home server with at least 1GB of memory, and then proceed.

If you’re an EX480 series owner, your machines are fine to run the update without switching out your memory.

For the record, our WGS EX475 test machine had a 2GB upgrade a while ago, and is remains nippy and responsive following the update.

You should not need to backup the data on your home server, but may wish to do so for absolute protection during the update. Do however make sure that you do not have any important data stored on the Windows Home Server system volume as this will be formatted during the update. Your shared folders are safe.

How Does The Update Work?

You’ll spot that HP will ship you a new set of discs for your MediaSmart Server – a Software Installation Disc (which you use to connect home computers to your home server), PC Restore Disc (for restoring a home computer in the event of an issue) and the star of this particular show – the Server Recovery Disc. That’s right, to update your home server, we’re going to do a Server Recovery, which will wipe and replace your Windows Home Server software installation whilst ensuring your the data in your shared folders is untouched.

Our pre-production discs looked like this (yours are likely to be a bit more colourful!)

For the EX470 series:

IMG_1844 IMG_1846 IMG_1847IMG_1848

For the EX480 series:

IMG_1849 IMG_1851 IMG_1852IMG_1854

Things to Bear In Mind Before You Update

Remember that whilst HP have added a lot of new functionality to the MediaSmart Server software over time, they’ve also dropped a couple of features which are detailed below. Also remember that doing a Server Recovery basically creates a fresh installation of Windows Home Server, so that means post-update, you’ll have to set-up your user accounts again, as well as re-install any add-ins you have installed. The add-in files themselves will still be in your Add-ins tab waiting for you – you’ll just have to install them again from within the Windows Home Server Console.

Okay, with regard to what changes when you install the update, the list varies a little based on whether you’re updating the EX470 or EX480 series.

What’s New?

  • Second generation Video Converter
    Create profiles to match your viewing device
    Control how your video is converted
  • Enhanced Media CollectorFaster collections
    Select specific media, locations, computers to collect from
  • Improved status feedback
  • HP Media StreamerStream music, photos, and videos to any Internet connected computer
    Requires a web browser and HP MediaSmart Server personal web address
  • HP Photo Publisher and HP Photo ViewerPublish photos to popular photo sharing sites like Snapfish, Facebook, Flickr™, and Picassa™ Web Albums.
    Share photos directly from the HP MediaSmart Server using Photo Viewer and a personal web address
  • More MacMac Media Collection
    Server Administration via Mac
    Faster Mac image level backup and recovery
  • Improved user interfaceNew look & feel
    Improved user flows
    Feature overview pages in the Windows Home Server Console
    Web based home page – access your media from home (local network) or away (via web) using a single easy to navigate web based user interface.
    New more intuitive console – set up, configure, check status from the new server administrator console page
    TwonkyMedia Server is an integrated part of the HP MediaSmart Server v.3 software.
  • Compatible with the HP MediaSmart Server iStream ApplicationFree download from the iTunes App Store
    Securely stream music, photos, and videos from your server to an iPhone or iPod touch

So, lot of great new features, but there’s a small cost. A few features will also be removed:

  • The HP MediaSmart Server Control Center is replaced by the web-based HP MediaSmart Server Home Page.
  • Settings for iTunes on the Tools tab of the HP MediaSmart Server – Control Center will go away and it is replaced by the HP Media Collector. The HP Media Collector can be set up to scan network computers for music, photos, and videos and copy them to your server.
  • HP Photo Webshare will go away and it is replaced with HP Photo Publisher and HP Photo Viewer. Photos in your Webshare albums will be copied to your Photos shared folder during the upgrade. See above for more information on Photo Publisher.
  • If you had the HP MediaSmart Server Mac software, it will need to be uninstalled. The new HP MediaSmart Server v.3 Mac software should be installed in its place.
  • If you installed the Server Online Backup add-in, it will be removed from your server during the HP MediaSmart Server v.3 upgrade. You will need to download and install the newer Server Online Backup add-in after the upgrade. It is a free download. The new Server Online Backup add-in will continue to work with your existing Amazon S3 account.

Still up for upgrading? Right, let’s get started!



  1. I'm struggling with the following question: do I upgrade to 3.0 now, or wait to do a major upgrade of some kind when WHS v2 arrives?

    I know some of you are under NDAs and can't saying much, but I would love to hear feedback from everyone. I'm pretty content with my system as it is now, so having said that, is there any major reason to not wait?

    1. If the MSS upgrades are already made, it's only $25 for a lot of features that seem worthwhile to me. If you haven't made the upgrades, then you have to add those costs to update. Over a year ago, I spent about $60 USD to upgrade to a 2.6GHz AMD processor and 2GB of RAM. The total cost becomes much more significant in that case (though, still relatively inexpensive).

      The only other thing I can think of is if you have a setup you're happy with and don't want to go fixing what ain't broke. Me? I like to improve everything… within reason. 😛

      I am looking forward to the update.

  2. I would say you should wait till the CEBIT in Germany – if VAIL will released this year you will get first information there..

  3. Woohoo Finally!!!

    Ordered mine already for a whooping 15 euro's, That's very cheap for the features you're getting and my ex470 has al the needed upgrades already!

  4. This is really great!

    My one concern is : "HP are advising that if you do not upgrade the memory of the EX470 series before updating the software to v3.0, your subsequent home server performance will be poor."

    Did our WeGotServed friends remove their 2GB and replace the 512MB for the upgrade and then later swap out the memory??? I already have the 2GB upgrade, should I swap out to the stock RAM for the upgrade?

    Also, a storage question, would now be a good time to swap out the 500GB system hard drive for a new 2TB hard drive?

    Thanks guys!

    1. That is so funny. It says if you DO NOT but I read that just like you the first time; odd wording perhaps, why we both misunderstood that the first time.

      You should be fine with 2GB, the warning seems to be for those with the stock 512mb.

      Yes it would be a very good time to swap out the drive, it will save you doing a recovery in future and may increase performance.

  5. I would like to upgrade the 500GB system disk to a newer disk. I have a couple of questions.

    – If I buy a new disk, how do I copy the existing system disk to it?
    – Is it possible to make a true system disk with no user data on it? that is, remove all the shared folders and duplication to my other disks?

  6. A word of advice to owners with 64 Bit computers- I recently tried (unsuccessfully) to do a system restore on my EX495. It would start the restore, then would freeze at ramdom places during the restore (no real pattern to the lock-ups). After a day on the phone with tech support during which we tried two different computers (both with Win 7 Home 64 Bit), they threw in the towel and sent me a new EX495 case. I was still unsuccessful running the system restore CD. I read in a user’s forum that the Restore CD has issues with 64 Bit OSs (even though that’s not documented ANYWHERE in HP’s documentation or Tech Support database), so I borrowed a laptop with XP Pro (32 Bit) on it and the restore worked like a champ.

    The bottom line is if you try the upgrade CD with a 64 bit OS and it fails, don’t panic (until you borrow a computer with a 32 bit OS and it still fails).

    1. Indeed, thanks for that as that's exactly what I intend to do! I'm sure the gf will lend me her 32-bit laptop for half an hour 😉

    2. Also, I found that server recovery does not work correctly with an upgraded AMD CPU. Your experience may vary, but I wasted a lot of time about a year ago when I rebuilt my ex470, until it occurred to me to put back the original CPU.

      1. I've done a restore on a EX470 with a LE-1640 and it went fine. You have to ensure you put the thermal paste down correctly (sparingly).

    3. Thanks for this, I was beating my head on the wall until I stumbled upon this. After 5 failed attempts a try with the 32bit laptop worked perfect.

  7. Hello everybody,

    Can someone know where exactly to order the upgrade (i don't find it on the HP website in the EX470 serie products)

    And if it's all languagues or only English ? I'm looking for french.


  8. I wonder if it would be possible to install this on our custom built windows home servers? It's basically WHS just with some custom HP software right?

    1. I'd think that it checks the BIOS before it installs, or something similar to OEM windows installation CDs

  9. Terry, thanks for the great info and instructions.

    Question: I have a 475 and upgraded to 2GB long ago but still have the original 2 500GB drives. I have duplication turned On for most of my shares (total dup 134GB). The duplication is across the 2 drives, obviously, so 134 out of 500GB on the system drive is dup files.

    As I learned from your instructions, the Server Recovery that will occur as part of the upgrade process wipes the system drive and reinstalls cleanly. So in essence, it wipes out all the duplicates that have been created, leaving the original files (on the second drive) intact. Correct? Does the inherent duplication feature then do its stuff? – after the new OS is installed? Seems like I would need to allow plenty of time after the upgrade process for the duplication process to complete its 134GB worth of file creation. Correct?

    Another question: I think I have heard over the years that you really shouldn't use your system drive for duplication (with only 2 drives, that's not possible) – and that the system drive should be your smallest. So, maybe since this 3.0 upgrade is available, it would be a good time to purchase a new drive (or maybe 2 new higher capacity drives) and leave the 500GB as the system drive only (no dup) and allow the two new (maybe 1.5 or 2TB) drive for share files and duplication. Think this is a viable setup? Be nice to have some instructions and guidance to go from my current to my proposed setup. May be others out there that want to do the same. Whaddaya think?

    Thanks again!

    1. The whole drive is not wiped, when the software is installed to begin with it creates 2 partitions: 1 is Labelled OS, the other is Labelled Data. The OS partition is about 20/25gb.

      This OS partition on its own will be wiped, not any other data that resides on the drive.

      Dont worry you wont loose anything that is assocated with that drive.

      On my EX 475 i have 3.20TB and the OS hard drive is only being used for the OS (20GB) the other 445GB is free. I would stick a 1.5TB in yours just to be safe, they are relatively cheap (at least compared to a 2TB atm).

  10. This may not be the best place to ask Terry, but have you heard anything about new drivers in this update? Are we still going to need to turn around and update the NIC driver or has HP taken care of this?

  11. Can’t wait to see some real world installs. My only hangup is when it says to back up everything first. I simply don’t have 3 terabytes free anywhere to back up my media server. I order it but I can’t backup prior to the install. Anyone this this is playing with fire?

  12. Has anyone replaced the system 500GB drive with a larger one while doing this ? How do i get the shared files on that off first … Thanks

  13. Just ordered my disk from HP. Estimated delivery 3/5/10. Can’t wait. if you are still looking for page to order, here is how I found it: http://www.hp.com and then Support and Drivers. Enter your product (mine is EX470), then OS (I selected Win7 32), then it takes you right to the disk ordering prompts. My price was $29.70.

  14. Does anyone know if the 3.0 will give Time Machine funtionality? The description says better Mac image backup and restore, but wasn't sure what this entailed.

    1. Mine was the same. I couldn't select a faster shipping method because they don't allow a diffrent billing address and shipping address.. so I had to ship to my PO Box.

      Then I received an email today that said:

      Dear Customer:

      At HP our products are designed, manufactured and serviced, to meet our high standards.

      We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order.

      We are striving to meet our estimated delivery date; in case where this is not met due to various reasons, an HP representative will attempt to contact you to communicate a new date and/or discuss possible alternative support solutions that could better meet your needs.

  15. Are there any gotchas associated with the Komodo 5 year multilevel SSL certs provided with the TZO domain subscription that was made available through the original 1.3 update for the Mediasmart EX470/475 after performing this upgrade to the Mediasmart 3.0 software? (Now there's a long winded question.)

  16. Has Anyone's Shipped yet ? i ordered using reg shipping says march 5th delivery date but has not showed it as shipping .. i am wondering if it will come without website stating it was shipped Since there will be no tracking w/ reg mail

    1. Placed my order on 2/25, with standard postal mail shipping… HP site still saying that it hasn't shipped yet. Bleh. I'm sure we'll have it by November.

      1. Just checked my credit card charges… business cannot charge you unless they ship their product; I've not been charged yet.

    2. Mine was supposed to be delivered today but no luck 🙁 it's not even showing as shipped on HP's site…

  17. When you visit the hp.com support site, choose any OS EXCEPT for Windows Server 2003!!

    Alas Canadians get screwed over again… 15 Euros in Europe, $29 in USA… $56 in Canada 🙁

  18. Any word on whether or not those of us with upgraded CPUs are going to have any problems upgrading? I could have sworn I saw where someone had posted that you'd have to reinstall the original CPU to upgrade to 3.0 then reinstall the upgraded CPU afterwards. Hopefully it was just my imagination.

    Like a poster a couple of comments up my estimated delivery date is 3/5, I'm not holding my breath.

  19. It is not available through Norway site! Have tried, but they have hided it well , in that case. They sent me to another site, and then …we are not able to support….

  20. Ordered mine on 2/27 using standard shipping method (because HP sucks and doesn't allow different billing / shipping address so I had to have it shipped to a PO Box.)

    Estimated Delivery Date : 3/23/2010.

    Then I received an email today that said:

    Dear Customer:

    At HP our products are designed, manufactured and serviced, to meet our high standards.

    We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order.

    We are striving to meet our estimated delivery date; in case where this is not met due to various reasons, an HP representative will attempt to contact you to communicate a new date and/or discuss possible alternative support solutions that could better meet your needs.

  21. So I doubt I'm going to get an answer, but here it goes. I have an EX470, and I upgraded it to update 2.5. If I order to the discs for the upgrade, can I just install from 2.5 to 3.0? Will I need to downgrade then upgrade? Any help would be nice. Thanks.

    1. The disks ONLY come as a server restore… so you only have two options…

      1) Run it as if you're trying to fix a problem in the OS (keeps your data in tact, hopefully), or;
      2) Erase everything (assuming you have backed everything up), and load from scratch.

      I've heard rumor that if you have any data stored on your system drive, option one will erase the entire drive, and you'll lose it, but I cannot confirm. Myself, I always do fresh installs anyway (option 2), so this doesn't really bug me.

      Hope that helps!

  22. I, like many others, waited through most of last year while hp sorted out the 3.0 upgrade. I ordered mine in the UK on the morning of 23/2/10, and I am still waiting- I emailed Best2serve friday last week to be told that it had been shipped on the day i emailed (strange that!), but it was being sent via french standard post (being shipped from paris). It is now the 8th and still nothing…

    I am starting to lost my patience now with HP and their "perferred supplier-Best2serve"…this really is a P** Poor situation- surely HP must have sussed that EX470 would be waiting for this, yet they seem to be surprised that the sheer volume of user that have ordered and don't have the infrastructure in place to cope… I have a server now waiting (EX470) for a rebuild but no 3.0 upgrade disc…

    1. I ordered from Best2Serve around 6pm on 23/2/10 , it shipped on 5/3, arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now all I need to do is get home…

    2. HP seems to have underestimated the home server market in the UK, if not Europe, in general. It's like they think only few 470s were sold and only a few of those owners will want to update. Otherwise, why would they have pulled out of the European market only to return and not bring the top of the range server with them?
      Sorry, I know that's no help to you at all. For what it's worth, it's not plain sailing once you get the discs!

  23. Ordered mine on the 23rd Feb from Best2Serve, arrived this morning. Emailed best2(not)serve about when I am likely to receive the discs and all the did was forward me my order confirmation. Useless but at least I now have some discs and tomorrow planned.

  24. Wow! I've 'done' the update. Console won't start, can't see any shares, backup service isn't running, flashing blue drive lights. Have I done it or has it done for me?

    1. Tim – I have exactly the same symptoms as you. I've followed everything to the letter and tried several rebooots now but to no avail. I can RDP into the server but no console, no web service running and no backup service running. Am starting to worry now ;(

      1. Same problem here! You guys found any solutions? Could this all be related to bad discs as pointed out above?

        1. Well, that didn't work. I should say that I'm trying to install on a new drive, something that the disc should support because it's no different to dealing with a system drive failure.
          My new plan is to clone the system drive (done that, it works) and then upgrade that. But first I'm copying everything off. I know I should have done that in the first place but where do you put 4TB of data?!
          So, I'll report back once I've tried this way. I'm calling this Plan, uh, J, I think I'm up to now. Not impressed so far.

          1. Okay, got it working. I had to clone the original system disk onto the new larger drive and then run Recovery. All that stuff about waiting five minutes is rubbish, it can take ages.
            Trouble is, now it's sloooooooow. Like, start the console loading and go make a cup of coffee, slow. Click a tab in Settings and carry on typing a blog comment, slow The processor doesn't seem to be being hit hard though, which is odd. Maybe it's Twonky but if so, why isn't Task Manager showing the processor usage being high?

  25. I ordered the upgrade CDs from Best2Serve (UK) on 23rd Feb – £10. Discs arrived 10th March. Am in the process of installing and am "slightly" nervous as I am being told that the "backup database has errors" – Gulp! Luckily, I BDBB'd first!! Anyway, it is still finishing so this may just be a "temporary" issue.

  26. Well, not good. Backups are corrupt. Remote Access is not available because a "local web server or firewall issue may have occurred". I need to contact "support" for additional assistance!. Which effing "support".

    Oh well, £10 and 4 hours wasted. C'est la Vie!

    1. I have the same problem! I have two EX475 boxes and they worked with no problem. My EX487 box, however, got this same error when enabling the remote access. What model do you have? I called HP support last night. Their suggestion was to run the system restore again. Same issue. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the EX48x disks?

      1. Jonathan or Vin, did you ever get this to work? I had the exact same problem. Not a big deal to lose my backups, but I'd like remote access to work. My discs were mislabelled, no instructions were included, and now the possibility of the disks not working. I'm not too impressed so far.

  27. Mine didn´t installed correctly. Disc is broken 🙁 Even tried factory reset noo luck. Anyone in sweden near Malmö who has a working disc?

  28. I'm In Manchester (UK) received my discs at the beginning of the week. Started the upgrade and the server recovery disk is corrupt got about '1 cm' in on the progress bar and didn't do anything. tried it from a different machine exactly the same! Tried copying the server recovery disk to the desktop and it wouldn't. Not impressed I then spent the next 12 Hours reinstalling version 1.1 (original discs) and all the patched etc etc. Not happy spoke to HP support I just hope they escalate this to somebody senior. They have obviously outsourced disk duplication to a mickey mouse outfit!
    The only positive form this experience (I did get all my data back) is the absolute need to backup data from the server which I will now commit to seriously.

    Anybody know if the HP online backup service (Amazon) is any good and value for money?

    1. Same here. I have an Entry Date, but no ship/receive date yet. I received an email stating there was a "delay" — but it didn't really seem to explain much.

      Wonder if this is a distribution issue, or if they found a problem in the software setup.

    1. Post a link please!

      I ordered mine in USA on 2/25.. still waiting. Even paid for next day air (DUMBASS). Should have read all the comments

  29. HP 485EX 3.0 upgrade. I would love to actually DO IT!!!

    1) I called HP customer service at 800-474-6836 (the number on my order status page). After 15 minutes hold I was asked all my information on my order placed on 25 Feb.
    2) They transferred me to someone after waiting on hold for 10 minutes and I gave my info again. They told me to call 800-892-6608
    3) I called 800-892-6608. After 15 minutes hold I was asked all my information on my order placed on 25 Feb.
    4) They transferred me to someone after waiting on hold for 5 minutes and I gave my info again. They told me to call 888-999-4747.
    5) I called 888-999-4747, number 2, THEN number 5. After 15 minutes hold I was asked all my information on my order placed on 25 Feb.
    6) They transferred me to someone after waiting on hold for 5 minutes and I didn't have to give info again as person stayed on line with me.
    7) There was no status update other than the 8 Mar delivery date was wrong and I should have been called with a new one, though they had no new one.
    8) They suggested I call 800-474-6836!!!!!!!!!!!! (my first number 90 minutes ago), but ask for MediaSmart….

    At combined round robin time at multiples of the cost of the disk, I just don't know how they prosper. I'll be very appreciative IF I get the disk some day, but I want those hours back in my life….

  30. Oh yeah forgot to say that I called HP (the number in the email they sent) and nobody had a freakin clue what I was talking about. They referred me around to a few places, and then finally told me a URL to check status—-same URL that was in the email. WORTHLESS.

  31. I just received my order to upgrade EX470/EX475 with the 3.0 Update (USA Order). I placed my order on Feb 26. There were 3

    CDs in the package, two of which were mislabeled.

    The CD with the printed label of "Server Recovery Disc" contains a bootable image used for restoring a computer from a

    backup from the Home Server. The label in Windows Explorer is "RESTORECD_DUAL".

    The CD with the printed label of "PC Restore Disc" contains the WHSRecovery.exe used to restore/upgrade the software on the Home Server itself. The label in Windows Explorer is "HP_EX47X_RECOVERY_EN".

    I sure hope HP's Quality Assurance for the contents of these discs is better than that of the CD manufacturer.

  32. Just wanted to clarify that online backup is gone after the 3.0 upgrade, and you can't just redownload the add-in.

    I called HP, they confirmed it. It is not available for download.

    1. Terry mentions in this article that "You will need to download and install the newer Server Online Backup add-in after the upgrade". Does anyone know where this newer add-in is located?

  33. I received my discs today.. Performing the upgrade now. I have a 475 with the memory and RAM upgrade. Will let you know how it goes.

  34. I got my discs today, I live in Sweden. I have an EX470 with 2GB of RAM. I am installing the update from a 64-bit Win7 machine.
    Right now the installer has been stuck at 2% for over an hour.

    1. I have an EX470 with 2GB of RAM. I have installed the update from a 64-bit Win7 machine.
      It works fine for me….

  35. Did the upgrade today on a 475. As previously mentioned, discs are mislabled. Install was fine (1 hr) however, the console runs sluggish (yes, I have 2 GB RAM). Anyone else notice this too?

    1. me too. The console is unusable. I can get a little configuration done straight after a reboot for about three minutes then the disks (2 500 GB) start to churn then I'm done. Very frustrating, the interface looks nice. I wish I could use it.

    2. Did some more digging. I was able to remote console into the server. The CPU is pegged and thrashing at 100% all of the time. I ran taskmanager to try to find the runaway process. Everything said "0" % CPU. Me thinks we have a bug. I have a call open with HP and will report back.
      I did notice that my DVD said Ex470 and I have a 475. I'm wondering if the AMD v Intel CPU and chipset might be in question here. If the HP product number end s in "5" it is AMD.

  36. I just received my upgrade disc set. The disc labeled "Server Recovery Disc" actually contains the "PC Restore Disc" content and vice-versa.

  37. I got the update installed… I, too, was having the high CPU load issue caused by Twonky. I killed it so I could finish getting everything else setup in the meantime. The new software is pretty snappy without Twonky running (I'm offloading all my media files in the meantime, hoping the Twonky issue is caused by a high amount of indexing… We'll see.

    The problem I'm having now is that I can not get Remote Access to work — it keep failing saying it can't verify itself locally… Yet, I can access the server in everyway locally… Remote desktop, network shares, even via IE… It says the failure is being caused by a web server or firewall issue. I've turned off all my firewall (both locally and on the server), set my router up to let the server through via DMZ… Nothing.

    Any one have a idea what could be wrong? I would hate to have to do another server recovery to try and fix the issue…

    1. I had the same issue. Then I added a user account (I forgot that the reset wiped 'em all out) and ran it again and remote access is working. However, I am unable to use the HP Photo Viewer. The Photo Publisher seems to be okay, but I'd like to use the built in Photo Viewer rather than upload all my photos to the 'net.

      1. I should add that my Photo Viewer page returns the following error: Error Message: Could not find a part of the path 'D:folders{6F8B59FA-07A0-46D2-B10C-034EA1B39AB0}PhotoViewerindex.xml'.

  38. Just got my Updgade disks and found that they are mislabled. The "Server Recovery Disk" actaully had the PC recovery software on it. The "PC Recovery Disk" has the server recovery software on it. So be aware that you may need to use the other disk to install the new OS.

  39. My disks showed up 2 days ago. I just got around to attempting the upgrade this morning, and I have a couple of things that I'd share. I have an EX470 upgraded to 2gb ram, and am running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on the machine that I'm attempting to run the upgrade from:

  40. 1.) My disks were also mis-labed. The PC Restore disk had the WHSRecovery.exe.
    2.) On Windows 7 x64, the WHSRecovery.exe would crash after the first couple of screens
    3.) I copied the contents of the entire PC Restore DVD (which was actually the Server Recovery contents, including the WHSRecovery.exe) to my computer. Before I copied the files to my machine, and tried to change the compatibilty on the CD files, the EULA wasn't showing up in the first screen.
    4.) On the newly copied files on my computer, I right-clicked on WHSRecovery.exe, and chose "Troubleshoot Compatibility". I chose "Troubleshoot Program", and clicked next. I checked both "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows…" and "The program requires additional permissions", and clicked Next. In the next window, I chose "Windows Vista", and clicked next. I clicked "Start Program",and now it upgraded fine.

    1. I was about to give up and in fact did because all 4 PC's at my house are running Win7 64x and i spent a entire night of misery trying to do the install .. but i may have to try this

  41. I'm having trouble with the online backup option. As the article described, the online backup add-in was removed during server recovery. However, I can't find a 'new' version to install. The only online backup add in I can find on hp.com is dated 4/2009. I tried downloading and installing that version, but the install fails because it's not the mediasmart server version that the add in expects.

    Anyone have a link to the current version of the online backup add in for v 3.0?

    1. I can't find the new version anywhere. I did hear that HP are no longer supporting it in v3.0 despite the upgrade instructions stating "If you installed the Server Online Backup add-in, it will be removed from your server during the HP MediaSmart Server v.3 upgrade. You will need to download and install the newer Server Online Backup add-in after the upgrade."

      About par for HP. Really not impressed. Looks like I may have to try Cloudberry…

  42. Got my discs, and was worried about the mislabeling issue, but my server recover labeled disc was in fact the server recovery disc… So I think I am okay there…

    Many thanks to those reporting that the upgrade had issues on a Win7 64-bit client… I decided to launch the upgrade from an older 32-bit XP Pro client just to be safe…

    Instead of following the directions and holding down the power button for 4-seconds to force a shutdown, I went into RDC and shut the server down gracefully…

    I am about13 minutes into the upgrade right now (so I guess it isn't going to be the swift 10 minute upgrade that WGS experienced… I am crossing my fingers as I type this!!!

  43. Update: Active DVD ROM update took 50 minutes… This does not include any of the post-installation set up and configuration of user accounts and add-ins…

  44. I had several problems with my upgrade.

    – I received the mislabeled disks as many others have also – server recovery disk was really the PC restore disk and vice versa
    – the server recovery process wouldn't run properly from my Win7 (32bit) laptop. It discovered the server, but then failed to write the files to the server. I switched to an old XP machine and it ran smoothly after that (but took about 2 hours). In retrospect, I had my laptop on a wireless LAN and should have put it on the wired network (100M full duplex) for better performance.
    – the client software would not install properly on my XP machine. After the server upgrade completed, the client software attempted to automatically install itself on my PC but failed to get past 0% progress. I switched back to my Win7 PC and used the Software Installation Disk with the client software to install the Connector. Interestingly enough, it seemed like it didn't use the software on the CD but instead downloaded it from the server. I haven't had a chance to troubleshoot the XP machine yet.
    – now the biggest problem – my backup database was corrupted during the upgrade process and I lost all my backups. (All other data was OK). I ran the database recovery wizard immediately, and it warned me after it started that it would take several hours. It would have been nice if it warned me about this beforehand, so I could schedule it to run overnight. This failed to recover the backups though. which is disappointing, as I had a few old PC's that had been thrown away and wanted to keep their backups. Also had a "gold" backup of a PC where I backed it up after freshly installing the OS and a few apps and I didn't want to lose that.

    So after these problems, I'm very disappointed so far with the quality of the HP software. I'm hoping that the features make it worth it to have gone through this.

  45. I was able to reconfigure everything… The server was extremely slow at first… I don't know why everything is turned on by default… I went in and disabled the Twonky server, as well as some other background process intense programs, and will enable them one at a time as needed…

    Also, I was able to install the client on my Win7 machines…but for some reason, I am having a very, very difficult time installing the connector on my XPPro machine… When I try and install, my keyboard and mouse stop working intermittently… And I know it is somehow tied to the installation process because when I am able to kill the installation, everything goes back to normal… Weird…

  46. I just finished my upgrade and my discs were mislabeled as well. What kills me is there was quite a bit of data from my share folders that were missing after my upgrade so for anyone upgrading, make sure you back up your data before upgrading.

    Here's something even more bizarre: I had all my music in the shared music folder organized into different sub folders like: 2004 English Songs, 2004 Chinese Songs, 2005 English Songs, 2005 Chinese Songs.. etc. and sub folders of the song groups after that. For some reason, after my upgrade, ALL my 200x Chinese Songs folders disappeared!! I still have chinese songs in a folder labeled 2009 Frank's Music so it has nothing to do with the unicode or labeling. Just all gone.. sigh

    Also in my Video shared folder, I was randomly missing movie files (like the sub folder would be there but it would be empty).

    I wish there were some way to recover my missing files but I have run out of ideas. If anyone can think of something it would be much appreciated..

    1. Turn off your server and pull your drives out 1 at a time and hook them up to your pc through a usb or however you can. Turn on hidden folders on your computer and look through your drive. They MAy still be there. I did a factory reset after many fialed restores and found my files this way.

  47. Wow, after reading about lost files, and the many other problems that people are having due to the upgrade, yet again all I can say is: "Thanks for going first." I'm fine with it's performance now, so I'll continue to wait to upgrade. While I have a 470 and really like it, I wouldn't buy an HP Mediasmart server again, I can honestly tell you that. I'd build my own WHS or find an alternative. Let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one of these things. Just read through these threads and do some thinking before you drop $$$ coin on one of these things. HP doesn't seem to have its act together, or be that concerned about quality.

  48. Just upgraded mine last night, with some shaking nerves I must admit! Order my CD's (Sweden), got them in the mail less than a week later. No mis-labeling issue! No data-loss! No corrupted folder structures! All seems to be just fine!!! 🙂

    Just thought I wanted to post a POSITIVE response here as well! 🙂

    1. I also got my CDs very fast. Buu i cant get it to work. It seems that the first part of installation work but when server should restart it hanging and client lost connection. Testet with XP and Vista client, with original system disk and with a new one.
      Can there be some problem with IP number?
      Very greatful if someone can give me some hint on what to do!

  49. I just upgraded my WHS and now when I perform a remote desktop session I cannot install anything directly on the box as I receive an error saying that WindowsHomeServer cannot access the path specified. I am logged in as administrator and in the past was able install JRiver MediaCenter to use as my MP3 library streamer. Are we no longer able to install things on the server?

  50. My 3.0 upgrade process has been a general nightmare. It would get mostly through the upgrade process (full green bar) and never return finish. After 3-4 hours on the phone with HP tech support do all usual stupid pointless stuff (like turning of virus scanning), they said the WD Caviar Green extra HD I put in was the problem- the server doesn’t support that drive. Ok, sure- unlikely, but ok.

    So I pulled the 2nd drive out and tried again. Same thing. Now they said- do a factory reset install. Ok- same thing. I ran seatools on the drive and it failed. HP said they’d send a new one .. in a couple weeks. I decided to just go get a new drive and try it- they said fine, use any drive but the Caviar Green. I bought a 1Tb Hitachi. This time the OS install worked, but the connector software couldn’t find the server. The Health LED was still white, indicating it was in recovery mode still. Tech support said .. get this .. that Hitachi drives don’t work with the server either! How’s that for a pile of BS.

    So – tried with their gold standard drive – Seagate. Same thing. Health LED never changes from White to Blue. Waiting to hear back from them on this one.

    Now, I will say that 4 out of 5 of the techs I talked to were knowledgeable and friendly. One was a jerk that wanted to get me off the phone. So .. guess we’ll see if I ever get 3.0 installed .. or if I go get a Drobo..

  51. I decided to upgrade my EX470 — already has 1.5GB of RAM. After reading the comments, I used my 32-bit Windows 7 machine, but have now switched to using my 64-bit Windows 7 main machine with the same results.

    My server originally shipped with 2x500GB Seagate drives. Over the last two years, I've since upgraded all but the system drive with 1.5TB Seagate drives. Everything worked fine.

    I decided to do a clean install and replace the 500GB Seagate drive with a 1.5TB WD Green drive on sale at Fry's for $89. Bad idea — the "advanced format" WD drives are incompatible with Windows2003 (what WHS is based upon). This is not a problem, as I can swap this drive for a 1.5TB Seagate data drive in my main computer. But for now, I figured I'd just do the clean install with the tree 1.5TB Seagate drives. So I took the 4th WHS data drives and put it into the system drive position. So the 4th slot is now empty and the server had three 1.5TB Seagate drives.

    My installation experience is the same: the install finds the server and appears to go fine (taes about 10 minutes on either 32-bit Vista or 64-bit Windows 7), but when the second window appears where it's "looking for the server", it never finds it. I tried entering HPSTORAGE, HPSERVER without success. If I ping the server's IP (, it says that it's MININT-88AD384 (this changes). Go figure! But entering that name doesn't help either.

    I should add that the drive lights are off. I would think that this would indicate that the drives aren't working, but when I put the original, unchanged 500GB drive back into the bottom slot and rebooted, the server came up fine. The drives didn't light up for a long time, but I do believe that they are fine.

    Also, the red light is on the front of the server, and the blue light is flashing. I never get to a flashing white light. So I don't know if the software actually installed anything or not although it appears to have gone through the motions.

    One thing I wonder about: with this "server recovery", I assume that it's installing a new copy of WHS. Where is the license for this — or is this tied to the hardware, so no license key is required because it's going onto an HP EX470?

    I have now copied the (mislabeled) server recovery disk to my hard drive, and I'm gong to try the install again after telling Windows 7 to pretend it's Vista (as described in another post above). I figure that it'll save wear and tear on my DVD drive as I repeatedly try to get this #*!^$@ thing to work.

    1. One question — should the drive lights be on during the "rebuilding server" installation step? Mine are not on but the "Please wait… (this may take up to 60 minutes.) seems to go ok.

    2. After two on-and-off days of trying, I finally got the v3 software installed. The solution was simple: I had a E-SATA drive attached to the server that I had forgotten about. I unplugged it, and for good measure, yanked the 500GB original main drive (I had settled on a complete factory reset) and replaced it with one of the 1.5TB data drives.

      I then went for broke and restarted the upgrade from my 64-bit Windows-7 Ultimate machine where I had copied the "server recovery" DVD to the hard drive. I had previously set the "run as adminstrator option on WHSRecovery.exe and also set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Not sure either of those is required. I then goosed the server back into recovery mode with the paper clip.

      This time the upgrade ran like a champ. No glitches at all. The drive lights came on after the first automated reboot and stayed on.

      For the record, I found the info about disconnecting any external drives here:

      So now there are 3×1.5TB drives in the server. I have two 1.5TB Seagate drives in my main Windows7/64 machine, so I'll swap one of those with the WD "advanced format" drive and add it to the WHS drive pool.

  52. Just in case someone didn't drill down into my previous posting — if you're having trouble with the WHS re-install, be sure that no USB or E-SATA devices are connected before reinstalling. If I'd known that, I could have saved two on-and-off days of screwing around with it.

  53. I'm somewhat confused… I thought I ordered the EX470 disks but have received the EX48X series disks… is this correct?

    1. My mis-labeled disks do each say "HP EX470" series. Specifically, the server recovery disk says:

      HP MediaSmart Server with
      Microsoft Windows Home Server
      Server Recovery Disk
      Version 3.0 Upgrade with Patch 1
      HP EX470 Series

  54. Just in case someone didn't drill down into my previous posting — if you're having trouble with the WHS re-install, be sure that no USB or E-SATA devices are connected before reinstalling. If I'd known that, I could have saved two on-and-off days of screwing around with it.

  55. My 3.0 software installed in about one hour on a 475 / 2Gb. HOWEVER the database was corrupted and the subsequent database repair could not recover any of my PC backups. Subsequently performing an immediate manual backup of each computer worked but I still lost two old computer backups. The data (photos, video etc) was okay.

  56. Has anyone reported/had any problems performing the upgrade on their EX475? Performed the System Restore using the 3.0 disc successfully but when at the end of the process the WHS connector setup cannot find the server. Lights on front of unit?: network periodically goes out… status light goes from blinking blue to alternating blue & red several times then repeats the process. Appears to me it’s in a reboot loop. Anyone got any ideas? BTW, I have performed the restore twice.

    1. I had the same problem….but my lights just continue to blink blue and kept blinking for a while..so I decided to reinstall the older software and then try 3.0 to see if maybe something was corrupt. If anyone else had this issue after the factory recovery….I would like your feedback.

  57. So i downloaded the HP Recovery 3.0 w/ patch from Torrentdownloads.com. It installs the server software and I can see HPStorage as a device on my computer; but it doesn't install the new version of the Windows/and HP connector software on my computer. It just closes once the install on the computer is complete. IAnd I can't connect to the server to try and load it off of it because I haven't set up a login name or password.

    Does anyone, for the love of God, have any advice? Is there a default user name and password I can use to log in? Is there a trick to getting the connector/home server software to install on my computer?

    Thank you

  58. Where can I purchase the v3. discs for HP EX470? Or is it possible to download each one? I assume they are for 64 bit systems?

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