HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Update Available to Order This Week

It’s here! After a very long wait and a couple of false starts, HP have announced that EX470 and EX480 Series MediaSmart Server owners can finally order their v3.0 software upgrade CDs later this week. WGS has a full walkthrough of how to complete the upgrade and you can download a copy of the upgrade instructions.

Without further ado, here’s the announcement:

The 3.0 software update DVD will be available to order beginning later this week, with shipments beginning next week.  These optional updates are available to purchase for owners of our EX470/475/485/487 products who want to upgrade their servers to the latest 3.0 software that is shipping on the EX490/495 products.

Please note the previously communicated information related to these updates:

1) The cost of the upgrade DVD has been finalized and will be US$25 or €25.

2) These upgrades will be available as a server recovery solution.  HP recommends that you back up all server files prior to installing the upgrade.

3) This upgrade is not recommended for EX470/475 owners who have not already upgraded their Server DRAM to 1GB as certain features will not function.

To order the upgrade DVD, visit www.hp.com and enter your product model number in the “Support and Drivers” section.  Then follow the path for your MediaSmart Server model number to order the upgrades.

We thank everyone for their continued support of the MediaSmart Server family of products.

More Info: HP.com



  1. Yipppeeee! Just ordered this in the UK from Best2Serve for the great price of £10.00 GBP…

    Thanks HP!!!

    1. Worked it out! Go to the UK site of HP.com, go to Support and Drivers, Enter part number and select Software and Driver downloads, then operating system. The HP site will direct you to the Best2Serve site and as Kris says, will cost £10.

  2. Nothing appears if you choose Windows Server 2003 as the OS (WHS as the OS is not an option but of course Server 2003 is the basis) but if you choose any of the other inappropriate OS options you are offered a link to Best2serve. HP still trying to confuse obviously.

  3. Does anybody has a link (url) to a side where i can order. Nothing works here (in Holland), HP finds nothing, and the dutch best2serve has no server update. Thanks.

    1. If you go to http://www.hp.nl, select "Ondersteuning & Drivers" in the upper right corner, enter either EX470 or 475 etc., then "Software and Driver Download" and your operating system, you should be able to select the MediaSmart server update. The site says it's only in English, but at least I ended up at Best2Serve with the CD ready to order! Good luck 🙂

  4. Hello guys

    I purchased a mediasmart ex485 last year when I was in U.S. now I have trouble to order the DVD kit because I'm out of U.S and I can't order it online.
    Is there anyway to order the upgrade kit if I'm not in U.S or U.K?


  5. You can find the upgrade for the 480 and 485 but not for the 470 or for the 475. That is at least what happens to me…

  6. What a shame they did not make these available for download!

    Now have to mess about trying to buy them. Grrr… Oh well better to have it than not at all.

    Thanks HP.


    1. Thanks for the Url, worked fine 😀 – The HP site isn't what you would call "intuitive".
      Anyhow done & dusted for a tenner – which is a cracking exchange rate set against the official price of $25/Euro25 – especially since it includes the VAT man's cut

      I wonder if it's possible to buy more than one copy – I could start trading in V 3.0 Updates!
      Buy them here for £10 – sell them to guys across the pond @ $20 and at "real world" exchange rates I'd make about £2.50 ago
      I could finance a new X510 Data Vault
      Hmmm … £600 / 2.5
      Do you think HP would let me buy 240 Update disks :p

      1. I could only get to the EX470 or 475 upgrade – am looking for the EX48x upgrade. Or – and this could very well be the dumbest question in this thread – are all upgrades on the same disc?

      2. maybe you could share you answer with other troubled people – "never mind I got it" doesn't seem to help a lot.

        thanks in advance

  7. On the HP US site, I am getting an "invalid product" error when attempting to order the "HP MediaSmart Server EX48x Series 3.0 Software Upgrade." In fact, I can only see the update when clicking on the "Windows XP" or "Windows Vista" links (not "Mac OS" or "Windows 7"). It's almost 7 am on 2/23/10 here, so maybe I just need to try later on in the day…

  8. I ordered the HP MediaSmart Server EX47x Series 3.0 Software Upgrade
    This DVD is multilingual? The German HP support says yes. it is possible?!


  9. I'm highly disappointed that this is not a free downloadable upgrade. I should have the option to download or pay for a disc.
    Most likely, I'll just wait for WHS 2008 or whatever it may be called.

    1. Hi Mike,
      To be fair to HP, I think their hands are tied by licensing issues.
      If memory serves, the licensing applying to some of the components of the update stipulates that it can only be supplied on physical media.
      So the cost of the update are the costs associated producing it on physical media.
      I'm sure if they could have done so, HP would have provided it as a download – less hassle for everyone involved.

  10. Thanks for the info Terry, bought and paid for. Now to watch the letterbox like a hawk for the next couple of weeks…

  11. Called the Canadian HP line,

    He informed me that the Canadian servers hadn't been updated yet but should be updated by the end of the week

    1. bonjour je suis aussi francais et j'ai commandé la COL32468_589796-ZH1-EMEA
      sur le lien UK ,
      j'ai aussi des doutes sur la version si elle est francaise ou pas
      car le lien best2serve francais en attente indique part= 589804-ZH1-EMEA
      si d'autres ont des infos
      merci a Alan de nous avoir communiqué son lien

  12. Is it worth the upgrade ?

    I own a mac too and use it for media (to my Sonos and PS3 etc). But all my media works from it thanks to PS3 media server. So for me it will just allow the back up my mac?

    As I keep all my data on the WHS, my mac is just an OS and installed software. If it corrupts or HDD fails I will just need to replace and reinstall OS but not lose anything important as it is on WHS.

    Not sure I have much to gain. Unless anyone can tell me why? I love tech and always upgrade but maybe this time I will not. It works for me and maybe I’ll wait to server 2008. Anyway let me know ! Thanks.

  13. I just found the link at HP support but it doesn't work yet and the tech I talked to said it would be a "few" days before it would.

  14. Just placed my order. The pricing was not what they had previously "confirmed." It was $27.95 for standard shipping, $39.95 for FedEx 1-2 day shipping. My estimated delivery date is 02/26/2010.

  15. Sorry, to clarify, my order was for the US EX47x 3.0 update CD. Total including sales tax was $42.45 for 1-2 day shipping.

  16. Repeat of my previous question: Can anyone confirm if the EX47x and EX48x upgrade CDs are the same? I cannot find any links pointing to the EX48x upgrade anywhere on the UK or Swedish site, but the EX47x upgrade is there alright.

    Would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

    1. I'm not sure if the ex47x and ex48x upgrade cds are the same or not. I have both ex systems, and I just ordered the upgrade for the ex48x. I will try and see if I can upgrade the ex47x with the same cds

    2. No they are not the same. The EX480 is an intel based machine and the EX470 is the trusty old AMD sempron. The disks would have different drivers on them

  17. The link for the EX470 is available!

    As mentioned in earlier posts, you go to Support and Drivers, search on EX470, then for the OS option choose any OS option EXCEPT Server 2003 – XP, Vista, WIn7 all bring you next to the "hp mediasmart server ex47x series 3.0 software upgrade" page.

    Your next screen will be to verify what country it is shipping to (US and Canada were the only options). You put in your ZIP code and choose your shipping method (for me, standard US Postage was $27.95 – what?!) . Then put in your shipping info, credit card number, and that's it! Finally.

    I just placed the order (6pm 24 FEB in Texas) and was given an estimated delivery date of 3/5/2010.

  18. Just a question as I'm not sure how this all really works. Does the OS get updated at the same time, or is this just a an update of the hp software itself. Can someone explain how the layers work. Right now with the stock install on the 475, it has windows server 2003, an I think the Windows Home server sits on top of that, and Perhpas the HP software sits on top of that or runs along side. Thanks

  19. The OS is windows server 2003. They have just added a user interface to it that is windows home server. The HP software operates within the user interface.

  20. The link for UK no longer works – you just get "We were unable to process your request." on the Best2serve page!!

  21. I'm too scared to ask how someone in Australia orders this "upgrade" given the product was never released here I'm not hopeful the Australian www site is going to offer this upgrade – guess I'm going to have to lean on some of my US buddies for a local US address to ship to and then onship it to me

  22. Anyone had success ordering from UK?
    I keep getting 'we were unable to process your request' from the best2server.

    Tried the French version too and that works but has no costs, so crashes on payment.

  23. Yes! The US link for the 48x series is live! Final cost $29.49 (USD) for standard shipping, estimated delivery 3/5/10.

    1. Ordered mine at the same time and was told the same date, but according to the HP site, it has yet to ship via "Postal Delivery Ground" which I assume is Parcel Post. I don't hold out a lot of hope for getting this by Friday.

      1. I wonder if HP is monitoring this thread, because moments after I posted this comment and email arrived from HP noting a "possible delay"

        "Dear Customer:

        At HP our products are designed, manufactured and serviced, to meet our high standards.

        We apologize for the possible delay in delivery of your service; however, we are diligently working on expediting your order.

        Service Order Number # ZVP54701
        Model # 589795-ZH1
        Serial # NSN

        We are striving to meet our estimated delivery date; in case where this is not met due to various reasons, an HP representative will attempt to contact you to communicate a new date and/or discuss possible alternative support solutions that could better meet your needs."

  24. Hi Raystlin. Yes did manage to order from UK site yesterday and I published the URL above but as I said in my earlier post today the link no longer works so HP seem to be making a pig's ear of it.


  25. I just ordered mine from the US site for the Ex47x. I may have it as early as tomorrow. Paid for the 1-2 day shipping.

  26. Link is working now, but HP keeps dissapointing its customers… It is unbelievable…

    $29 USD total for USA, $59 for Canada…???

    What are we, idiots???

  27. Has anyone replaced the 500 GB Data HD with a larger one during this ? How did you get you shared files off it first ?

    Thanks !

  28. Still not working for me in UK (whatever server version or operating system I try),
    best I get is no price but usually it doesn't even show the v3.0 option.

  29. just ordered one for my EX470 here in US.. for some reason i had to select "Windows 7 32 bit" as an OS to get the DVD order page. selecting "Windows server 2003" didnt work

  30. I live in norway, get routed to Best2Serve, and then get the message "no result, try again"
    Anyone else ordered the DVD in Norway or scandinavia?

  31. It's one thing to demand a reasonable price for a software update to help defray development and production costs and $25 USD is, in my opinion very reasonable for this update.
    $64.16 CAD is however ridiculous!
    Given the current exchange rate USD –> CAD of 1.052 and assuming a shipping charge not exceeding $14.95 USD (which is actually for Fed-Ex 1-2 day service) – we get FedEx 3-5 day service (no choices). This means that HP is punishing it's Canadian customers by overcharging
    ($25 + 14.95) * 1.052 = $42.03 + $7.38 tax = $49.41
    That means that HP is gouging it's Canadian Customers to the tune of almost $15 JUST because we happen to live North of the border.
    Frankly I'm getting a little tired of paying an extra 35-40% on goods which are priced based on USD when the actual exchange premium is less than 6%
    Enough HP ! Sell me the upgrade for $25 CDN + a couple bucks for Canada Post and ship it from Canada!
    I'll be looking for this upgrade on the torrent sites.

  32. I ordered mine and chose the option for 1 day shipping. I received a confirmation but HP still has NOT SHIPPED THE UPDATE. Has anyone in the US actually received this? I have been charged and HP still has not shipped this and my account shows that the estimated delivery date is March 1st but also shows that they have not shipped it and are working on meeting their expected delivery date! I am disappointed to say it elegantly…..

    Springfield, OR

    1. I got charged and the expected date was 3/5/10 and I did not recieve the discs either and the web site to get updates does not show that it has been shipped yet. I heard(I think from HERE) that they are having some type of problem producing the discs for the US.

  33. I do not think they are shipping until around the 15th. We are basicly pre ordering. My order says expected delivery the 17th.


  34. My order from 2/25 still has an expected delivery date of 3/5. Considering that it has shipped yet, I think they are missing that target. 😉

  35. I just got mine in the mail today xD Shipped from The Nederlands. I live in Norway and i placed the order to Best2Serve February 23.


  36. I ordered the upgrade on Feb. 25th and was told it should arrive March 8th (US address). On March 3rd I received an email saying of a "possible delay". I called HP's MediaSmart tech support. They know it's been delayed but don't know when it will be shipped, and they don't know who I can talk to to find out. Typical poor HP customer service!

    1. i am in acnada and after 2 days of trying the link finally worked.

      i ordered it and it says delivery on March 16 but now when i check order status has not shipped yet and no eta there.

      i guess ill be waiting and seeing.


    2. Just talked to HP (my order from 2/25 still says expected delivery of 3/5!). The rep said the software is backorderd, but they "hope" to send it out on 3/23. Ridiculous. He just kept saying, "sorry, i know."

  37. OK,
    To keep this alive, and give an update….

    I called the 800-474-6836, and was bumped to 3 other numbers within HP.
    Finally ended up with the MediaSmart team – very helpful with info, but no control over shipments.
    I was told that shipments had begun in the US, and they are beginning to see calls from people who ordered on the 24th and 25th of Feb with installation issues.
    As I ordered on the 25th, he stated that my order is either on the 'top-of-the-list' to be fulfilled if not already out for delivery.

    I'll wait and see.

  38. I live in Canada.


    I placed my order on February 25th. According to the HP Customer service order status website the expected Delivery Date was 03/05/2010.The Shipping Method: FEDEX INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY 1-3 DAYS. I did not come on that date. The new delivery date was 03/16/2010. It did not come on that date again. The new expected delivery date is 03/30/2010. Based on their track record I will not hold my breath for that expected delivery date.


    I sale HP products such as computers, printers, Servers etc… Based on this personal experience in dealing with HP's customer support. I will not recommend HP products any longer. I will instead recommend alternatives to customers where they can expect better service. This I believe is the best way to help HP to improve their customer service. This will affect their bottom line where it hurts. I do not want my customers complaining to me about HP.

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