It’s Time for CES 2010!

Jim gave you his preview of CES yesterday and it’s great that this year there will be two of us covering the show for WGS. Those of you old timers who were with us in 2008 and 2009 will know that CES tells us a huge amount about the products we’ll all be using (or just coveting) later in the year.

As ever, the doomsayers are muttering about a smaller show, less people attending, less companies exhibiting, why not track the show from the comfort of your own home etc. But they’re missing the point – CES, whilst incredibly tiring to cover, is all about meeting people. People who bring you the products you love (and hate), people who read and write the magazines, websites, blogs you follow, and of course, seeing a lot of kit and picking out the tech trends you think are going to be important in the year ahead.

Talking of which, here’s a quick crystal ball-gaze into this year’s show:

  • No mention of Windows Home Server v2 – indeed, I’m guessing WHS will have a low-ish profile this year.
  • Talk of future Xbox 360/WinMo/Zune integration (once again, but will it be delivered this time?)
  • E-readers-a-go-go
  • 3D-everywhere (with lots of people standing around in funny glasses like it’s 1955)
  • The words “Green”, “Low Power”, “Energy Saving” being used excessively
  • Android moving to the next level with widespread support in multiple devices
  • The Second Coming of the Tablet

In terms of our coverage, Jim and I have three very busy days (and evenings!) packed out with meetings and booth tours across the great and the good. It’s likely will be picking out a wider range of products to feature during the week than we’d usually cover, as it’s hard not to get distracted by a lot of the kit that’s on show – so indulge us a little this week!

In between seeing all of this stuff, we’ll be working hard to write up what we’re learning throughout each day – Wednesday is press day, and that means press conference central as well as the Microsoft keynote in the evening (which Jim and I are hoping to sneak into). Wednesday ends with a pretty good event called Pepcom Digital Experience which is the first chance to get up close to some of the new kit before the show starts in earnest. Thursday, I have time booked with Dell and Samsung, whilst Jim will be seeing what NVIDIA have to offer as well as exploring some new digital entertainment devices. Friday, I’m with Twonky, Ford (which I’m really looking forward to) and Shuttle, whilst Jim will be with the cool kids checking out D-Link’s Boxee box (and giving them another ticking off for that “beta” WHS IP Camera add-in).

In between, we’ll be here and there checking out the weird and the wonderful across the show, and hopefully bumping into some friends, old and new.

For a blow by blow on what’s happening, feel free to follow us on Twitter (Terry, Jim) or keep an eye on our updates in the sidebar. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the coverage – it’s going to be a fun week!


  1. Dont worry Terry, we can take him under our wing and show him how to get all the free stuff 🙂

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