Rosewill RSV-S8 External Drive Enclosure – That’s 8 (Count ‘Em) Bays

If space is starting to get a little tight on your home server, you’re going to have to expand. Sure you can drop a USB hard drive in there, but if you want something a little more… roomy, then the Rosewill RSV-S8 External Drive Enclosure offers up 8 hard drive bays of expand-a-rama – enough for anyone’s digital media collection.


Pete Stagman has a review of the unit he’s just picked up to expand his HP MediaSmart Server digital storage (apparently the enclosure doesn’t play nicely with the MediaSmart Server, but self builders knock yourself out) – check it out at the link below!

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  1. This box is a eSata and not a USB box. The review shows it next to a MediaSmart server. But it must not be mistaken that you can connect this box to the MediaSmart server. You can not open up the MediaSmart server to install the 2 port esata card. you can add this box to the Acer EasyStore as it does have a PCIe slot.

    Depending on the version of MediaSmart server the eSata will only connect to EX48x-1 bay, EX47x-4 bays, EX49x/510-5 bay enclosure.

  2. Though I was very excited at first to see this, I learned that there isn't a PCI-e slot for the controller card on the HP MediaSmart Home Server boxes, so even though it looks kewl and would be kewl to add such a thing to my network, I don't have any use for it unless I have a WHS I made myself. (Heavy Sigh) 😐

    1. eSata is 3.0Gbps USB 2.0 is only 480Mbps – besides the adapter won't support mulit-lane SATA.

      However, it's very hand to have to connect SATA/eSATA drives to computers without the port.

  3. Nice, I could sure use a box like that.

    Currently, I am using a Coolermaster Stacker kabinet (the very first version)with 3 5 disk hot swap bays(that's 15 discs), with 2 500 gb, and mixture of 1 and 1,5 tb drives for the rest.; which gives approx. 18 tbs of storage space. And guess what, according to my estimates the 1,5 tbs that's currently empty will most likely be filled within the next 6 months, perhaps sooner.

    Anyways, with this device you should be able to get an additional 16 tbs, if you fill the drive bays with 2 tb hdds. Mmm, me want . . . ! And if you, like I, use a custom built build WHS, you could probably use 2 or 3 three of these . . .

    Anyways, if looks like the only place to buy it is ; which gives a problem: I live i the northern part of europe, and newegg does not ship outside the US. Anybody here know of a dealer in europe?

  4. I've got two of them hooked up to my self build machine. One word of advice — make sure you push the drives in until you hear a click — otherwise the drive won't show up.

  5. I've got two of them hooked up to my self build machine. One word of advice — make sure you push the drives in until you hear a click — otherwise the drive won't show up.

  6. I would love one of there, but i live in the nederlands. and how the hell am i going 2 get one here 🙁 newegg won't ship here, and it's competitor Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M-B is available on Amazon but they won't ship to the netherlands to 🙁

    1. Go to They have a business going where they will accept delivery of you shipment IN the US then reship it to you. Never used it myself, but they might be useful to you.

      1. Wow thanx! that is a big help.
        i e-mail them and they were willing to ship it to me at a shipping cost of 250 dollar for a 300dollar unit 😐

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