Add-in Update: LightsOut Reaches 1.0

LightsOut, a perennial favorite of WGS readers, has been updated to version 1.0.  A full 1.x version signifying a transition to a mature piece of software.

For those who do not know, LightsOut is a Power Management add-in for Window Home Server by Microsoft WHS-MVP Martin Rothschink.


From Martin:

LightsOut – The name says it all.
This Add-In is used to put a Windows Home Server into suspended mode or hibernation and resume on user defined events.


Mode of operation
Lights-Out monitors several sources for activity. As long as one source signals activity, the server is kept running. When the monitoring detects no more activity, the server is disabled.

Sources selectable for monitoring 

  • Runtimes on calendar
  • Windows Home Server Computers (Clients) 
  • Network devices (like a Mac, Xbox or streaming clients) 
  • Backup time window 
  • Remote access 
  • Processes on your Windows Home Server 
  • Files on your Windows Home Server 
  • CPU load on your Windows Home Server 
  • Network load on your Windows Home Server

Wake up
A suspended or hibernated server can be resumed using a calendar event. A shut down server can be activated using Wake-On-Lan (WOL). Lights-Out comes with a client application which can be used to start the server when the client boots
or resumes.

Additional functionality
The Add-In visualizes the activity of the selected sources. So you can easily identify what keeps your server running.

Data integrity
To reduce the risk of data loss, the server is never put into sleep during an active backup operation or a backup cleanup.
You can define services, which are stopped on suspend and restarted after resume.

What is included with this particular update are some major changes, not only in the software, but in the type of add-in.  First, the big news: LightsOut is transitioning from a free Community add-in to a Commercial add-in.  When installing the latest and greatest, you will be given a 30-day period in which to decide whether this add-in is a must-have.  Or not…

After 30 days, you are given the option to continue its use as a

  • free Community Edition
  • paid Licensed Edition

Second, what enhancements do you get for your hard earned cash?  The Feature Matrix:


If you wish, you can upgrade and retain the basic feature set you had previously as a free add-in, or you can support Martin and, in return, obtain some nice enhancements.

In transitioning to the commercial software edition, you can also expect some enhanced support.  In addition to the normal support forums:

In German on the Windows Home Server Forum
In English on the We Got Served Forum

You will also receive email support with a paid license.

The costs:

Community Edition: Free

Licensed Edition: $23.94 | €15.00 | £14.69 (Personal license)

                                 $39.90 | €25.00 | £24.48 (Commercial license)

Please note that these prices do not include VAT.

More Info: LightsOut | Discuss | Rate this Add-in | Home Server Blog (Source)



  1. I definitely need the IP monitoring and network activity monitoring, and $30 CAD is well within reasons. I'm software developer myself and appropriate all the hard work that has been put into this application.

  2. I will first do the trail and then I will go for the licensed version, I really like the WOL feature. Hated it that I always have to walk to the other room to start my WHS, yes I know that I lazy o.0

  3. I was part of the beta. Two killer features for me:

    1. The IP monitoring for non-windows devices (works perfectly)
    2. The new windows plug-in that means that there is no need for the server to fire up when the clients do – you now have the option and a control to start up the server when you need it.

    The licensing fee is nice and reasonable too. Martin has worked hard on this so deserves the support.

  4. I like what you have done, the only thing that scare me is the SMB Core to be disable as the last time I did try it I got to reinstall my server as I did screwup somewhere and that is why I am try with someone to see if I could modify SP3 iso evaluation and replace a folder with one of my OEM Disk and if possible will try again that dawn thing and install your Light Out finaly and see for myself lol 🙂

    1. Yepp, nobody could convince me ever again to install this piece of **** software again!!! nevertheless pay for it!! After following the SMB Core guide my EX470 never saw the light of day again. It got so bad that the data could not be restored after running the HP restore DVD and I had to go out and buy 4 more terabytes worth of HDs + an external USB HD case in order to file-copy out everything from the server… STRONG warning here for anyone considering this add-in, unless you don't have like 20 years of family photos, movies and other personal stuff stored on your drives that you want to keep.

      1. Tim, I understand your frustration. Sorry that you made that bad experience.

        But you address the wrong software here. Microsoft fixed the Sb core issue with PP1 but never created a Windows Update package for existing users. The fix is only included in DVD media. All users running OEM systems with a preinstalled PP1 (or later) do not have that issue.

        Furthermore there's now a second way of disabling SB core which does not require editing the registry.

        1. Tinus could you elaborate teh second way of disabling SB core wish does not requie editing the registery; Maybe posting the link here for that subject.

          Thank you as I was luckier then Tim but still had to do a restore also, so anything that expand of that subject will be welcome.

          Thank you

  5. I was a beta tester too, and I can insure you it's really worth getting a license! It's really a matured add-in and in my opinion a must for those who would like to save some electricity.

  6. The minute it was released I had to have it – the additional features are worth the 15 e’s. Thanks Tinus – I hope you make a few quid from your efforts.

  7. I have liked it since day one. However, am now using an ECS Motherboardfor my home made server and it will suspend from a client, but no response from a WOL or any calendar events.

    I suspect this to be a hardware issue on my part and will be paying for it it's cool.

  8. Disabling sbcore is simple!
    go to admin tools.



    double click

    then go to log on

    you will see profile 1 and next to it. it says "enable"

    right click then "disable"


    Job done.

  9. I've been using the 0.8 version for over 6 months with no issues. On Dec. 23rd I upgraded from 0.8 to 1.0 and the next day, all 3 of my pcs took 10 minutes to get past the logon screen. Downgrading didn't solve the problem. Trouble shooting shows there's a problem with the nic and acquiring TCP setting. No other upgrades were done and I tested with Kaspersky AV off.

    I was able to restore to backups from the day before the upgrade and everything is working fine.

    I have an Acer easystore WHS pp3, a 7yr compaq laptop running a WinXP Home, an 3yr HP core2duo running WinXP Pro and a home built core2quad running WinXP Pro.

  10. I waiting to see if Microsoft announces the next version of Windows Home Server at CES before biting the bullet, but I'll probably end of buying it anyway. Thanks!

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