Unboxing the Synology DS410j NAS

On Thursday, I unveiled the QNAP TS-219P NAS device.  Today, I unpacked the Synology DS410j NAS device.

This is your basic NAS device, similar to the QNAP TS-219P.  Except the DS410j is a 4-bay device.  This is a brand-spanking new product from Synology which is scheduled for launch sometime this month.  As I cannot find it on their website yet, I will have to assume that the official launch has not occurred yet.

So, without further delay, let’s take an exclusive look at the brand new

Synology DS410j NAS

Taking a more business-like approach than QNAP, the Synology DS410j comes in a no-frills box.  Except for a small sticker on the top of the box and a larger one on the side, one would never know what was packaged inside.


Regardless of the frills or no-frills packaging, the DS410j will get to your doorstep well protected.


Being your basic NAS device, the Synology DS410j comes with your basic power brick, Ethernet cable, miscellaneous hardware and Installation Guide.


A closer look at the front of the Synology DS410j.  You will find no disk caddies on the front of this unit, only a power button and indicator lights.


Turning the unit around to the back side, you will find a couple of cooling fans, a power cord input, Ethernet port and (2) USB ports.  You will also find (4) thumb screws.  Taking those out


will reveal the disk caddies.

ts410-7 ts410-8

And that is all there is for the Synology DS410j (at this time).  This is another sharp looking NAS device and appears to be as well built as the QNAP TS-219P.  It is quite interesting the differences in design philosophies between the two aforementioned machines.  Whether this translates to any differences in working features or performance remains to be seen.

What’s up next?  You will have to check back tomorrow to see what else I have on my review plate.  The only thing I will say is that I guarantee that it be a departure from these last two NAS devices.


  1. I'm sorry, this is completely unacceptable as a review. You've not even touched on what the device actually does, how well it performs, what its capabilities are – you've just looked at the box. You don't even appear to have plugged it in.

    And judging from the specifications sheet, this is far from "your basic NAS box" – it does all sorts of extra things, such as bittorrent, automatic backups, and even hosting websites or wikis.

    I'm disappointed by the complete lack of effort you've put into this "review".

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