Linksys Launch the WAG320N Dual-Band Wireless-N ADSL Modem Gigabit Router

So, it’s not going to win any awards for product naming, but Cisco today announced their latest Wireless-N Modem Router, in the form of the (deep breath) Linksys by Cisco Dual Band Wireless-N ADSL2+ Modem Gigabit Router (WAG320N).


The product name pretty much describes what you get for your £89.99, namely a dual-band, Wireless-N, Wi-Fi Internet connection and integrated modem plus 4, high speed Gigabit Ethernet ports. What the product name doesn’t reveal is the ability to make USB storage devices accessible across the network, courtesy of an integrated StorageLink port, which makes all music, video and photos stored on that device accessible to uPnP compatible media players.


Also included is Cisco’s Network Magic software which supports easy setup and configuration of the router along with advanced network diagnostics and troubleshooting support in case of an issue. The router’s power adaptor is Energy Star compliant and Cisco claim a 50% power reduction, at just 2.6W of juice consumed.

More Info: Linksys by Cisco


    1. Those product specs on that web page seem to be the 120N, maybe it's so new they haven't put it on the website. Seems some people have jumped the gun on Amazon and bought the WRT320N… which is the router. They've given it low marks because it doesn't connect to ADSL (via POTS).

  1. That doesn't include the modem so YOU stfu :p

    The only difference apparently from the product pages between the WAG320N and the WAG160N is the additional USB port on the WAG320N

  2. I was going to buy this router, however it does NOT support DHCP address reservation so if you need it avoid at all costs.

    It's a real shame as I've been looking for an ADSL gigabit router but the lack of DHCP address reservation is a deal breaker for me and frankly quite a poor omission on Cisco's part.

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